32 patterns of car racing game sites

32 patterns of car racing game sites

I did research on many car racing game sites and found that many of them use a lot of patterns for the site design. With all these small little patterns especially the carbon fiber patterns, the websites looks more racing feel. I took screenshots of each websites and turning them into Photoshop pattern preset and you too can download it right at the end of this post!

Besides car racing game sites like Need For Speed, Forza, GTR, Project Gotham Racing and other popular sites, I also include the patterns that inspired from other racing sites which is not related to games. I remake every patterns and successfully created 32 unique patterns shown below. Feel free to download to add it into your Photoshop pattern preset library. It could be useful in your next design ;).

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DesignWalker now in English

DESIGNwalker max: the English version of DesignWalker

DesignWalker is one of my most favorite Japanese design blog and I visit it almost every week. It serves as a diary of the web designer who worked in Los Angeles. The site is full packed with tonnes of collections of web design inspiration and resources that he found around the World Wide Web. I like DesignWalker a lot and recently I just discovered that DesignWalker has its English version. I think this is really a great news!

The English version is call DESIGNwalker max, the look and feel of the both website is almost identical. By checking the monthly archive, this site is just started in January 2008 which is this month, still fresh but it has already have quite some useful post entries. It is another recommended site to visit for web designers!

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Dotted world map vector resource

dotted world map vector resource download

Here I present you the dotted world map vector free for download. It comes with three different dot sizes which is fine, medium and large to cater for different purpose and needs. This dotted world map is based on the world map resource from Deviant Art, and I overlay a dotted pattern on top and slowly remove the unwanted dots to form the shape of the world. It took me several days to accomplish this but I think it’s worth it!

I save it in Adobe Illustrator (v10 and above) file format and host it in Mediafire, hope you won’t mind because of the bandwidth concern. Continue read on to download the map!

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6 sites for brochure design inspiration & tips

Brochure design inspiration and tips

A brochure or pamphlet is a leaflet advertisement that normally used to promote latest products and services, or serves as one member of corporate identity merchandise. The new year has come and my company decided to redesign and print new corporate brochures. To produce the best brochure printing, I started to look out some inspiration and resources to aid my design process.

I had found some websites that fitted my needs, and the information provided is really helpful to read before you begin your full color brochure printing process. Brochure is not just about design solutions, it includes how you are going to fold the brochure, printing and other technical issue. Continue read to check out the design inspiration and useful tips to design a sure fire brochure that works.

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Free font: Relato Sans

Free font: Relato Sans

Font Shop had released a featured freebies of quality font called “Relato Sans” previewed above. According to Font Shop:

Relato Sans™ (Emtype®)

Relato Sans is the best of a fresh new breed of humanist sans serifs. Witness Eduardo Manso’s technical and artistic skill for yourself with this complimentary sampling of the complete OpenType family.

The font looks really great. So head yourself to the Font Shop’s free font page and register yourself to download the font! Read on if you are looking for more quality fonts.

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Super lists for web designers

Super lists for web designers

With the booming of the Internet, we came to a stage where information obtaining is so much convenient nowadays. Like web designers, using the web as main source of information and resources is a very natural thing. But, the information available out there is so much until I think it is impossible to bookmark and remember all those great sites. However with the existence of super lists, it makes the designers’ life much easier!

I stumbled upon 4 sites that collecting sites that links to useful resources, articles, and tutorials across different kinds of fields, for example CSS, color schemes inspiration, free stock images, fonts, gallery showcase, Photoshop tutorials and many many more. These 4 sites are a must bookmark for all web designers. Read on to get to know what 4 sites they are.

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Spice up your design with 56 Photoshop layer styles

56 Photoshop layer styles

I had been working with Photoshop for more than a year and through out this year, I designed works by using this great tool, really can’t live without it. In Photoshop, the layer blending had been the most frequently used in most designs. By applying layer styles, the design won’t be flat and it looks good. I used a variety of style combination to achieve the desired result. And here, I decided to save all the styles that I created for backup purposes, as well as share out here!

Please view all the 56 layer styles bigger at the picture below. Most of the styles involve black, gray, and orange color, because these are the colors I used the most. Included also the styles that I used for creating the gaming window tutorial too. So feel free to download and play around with it! Also check out the following 10 places to get awesome deals for graphics and other design tools.

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Stunning Japanese Foliage Photoshop brushes

Japanese Foliage brushes by DesignFruit

Probably you already know this, but I still want to take an opportunity to write about it. The post banner above is done by wonderful Japanese Foliage™ brushes brought to you by DesignFruit. In fact that I used this stunning sets of brushed for my several previous banner designs. The brushes are very high resolution and has a variety of different brushes to play with.

The creator, Jason Gaylor created these designs after being inspired by Japanese-style prints. He offered the Photoshop brushes and PNG free for download, however you need to purchase for the vector file. Feel free to use it for personal stuff, but be sure to read about the license agreements for non personal projects. Below is the example pictures uploaded by himself.

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7 Web 2.0 badges vector download

7 delicious web 2.0 badges vector free for download!

Today, I will give out the my latest vector collection which is 7 different styles of badges vector, all free for download! 😀 As you can see, the 7 badges each I created is unique shapes and styles, read more to take a clearer view of 7 of it.

To make the series special, I put some effort on the last badge. I used some Japanese pattern and sunshine to design it, the result is not bad right? The most important thing is the shape of the badges, the graphics inside are the possibilities of designs, you can always change it to make it yours. This time I provide EPS format for download, I think EPS is more convenient right? Many vector softwares can read EPS, but I recommend to use Illustrator CS2.

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16+ the ten list for web designers

As web designers I am always hunt for resources on the web, for example tutorials, gallery showcases, and thoughts from the experienced designers so that I can learn something from it. I subscribed to many designer’s blog feed and surf regularly, and I found out some The Ten List from various websites to inspire and help many web designers.

What I mean about the ten list is that an article that contains ten essential points that presented in a list. I categorized them into several big categories for better navigation. Please have a look. Continue reading