Hi, my name is Jayhan, I’m 27 years old this year. Graduated with a Honors Degree of Graphic Design in KBU International College, currently I’m working as a Web/Graphic Designer. Besides designing, I have some interests and thoughts to share to the world. I like Design and Japan related stuffs, so I will post articles that talks about this two. Please come visit my website often, because I will post more interesting posts in future!

About This Site

This site is about Design and Japan, which plays important role in my life. In design, will talks about general Art & Design, Web Design, Resources and Inspiration, while Japan will covers Idols, Music, Nihongo and Drama. But now I attempt to write more in depth stuff as well as fusion both categories by writing Japanese arts, culture and so on.

Thanks to everyone, in 2009 I finally visited Japan for the first time and Japan is really a wonderful place! I so hope that I can visit several times more in the future or it would be fortunate if I’m able to work and reside in Japan for a period of time. Now I’m studying Japanese and pursuing my dream.

My Profile:

Name: Sim Jun Han (Jayhan)
Age: 27
Profession: Web Designer / Part-time Web Design lecturer
Working Experience: 6 years
Spoken Languages: English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Japanese
Japanese Proficiency Level: N1
Email: jayhan.sim@gmail.com

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