Dotted world map vector resource

dotted world map vector resource download

Here I present you the dotted world map vector free for download. It comes with three different dot sizes which is fine, medium and large to cater for different purpose and needs. This dotted world map is based on the world map resource from Deviant Art, and I overlay a dotted pattern on top and slowly remove the unwanted dots to form the shape of the world. It took me several days to accomplish this but I think it’s worth it!

I save it in Adobe Illustrator (v10 and above) file format and host it in Mediafire, hope you won’t mind because of the bandwidth concern. Continue read on to download the map!

Download the dotted world map

You can download the map for free by paying with a Tweet or a post to Facebook with just a click of the button below.

You can use this freely on both personal or commercial projects. If you are using this for commercial project, I will be very happy if you inform me on how you use it and send me a copy of the design that uses the map.

Dotted world map preview

New dotted USA map free download!

Hey if you like this vector resources, I think you would like the dotted USA vector map I created recently. Click on this link to check it out!

Reference world map: DeviantArt

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  • Louay

    Hi jayhan, many thanks for your work.

    But I have a qusetion or maybe 2 ^_^

    When I open your file via Adobe Illustrator CS5, I found that I couldn’t edit any thing with dotted map !!! I found just one size not three as you say also.

    Maybe I need some information from you, my questions are 🙂

    What is problem with your file, and how I can edit it or find another sizes ?

    Is there any way to lock ai file, I think your ai file is locked, can you please learn me 🙂

    Best regards,

    • jayhan

      Hi Louay, at your Illustrator, open the Layers panel, click the lock to unlock it. The other two dot size are hidden. Click the eye icon to unhide it.

  • Louay

    Many thanks Jayhan for your reply, before now I don’t use Layers at Illustrator, because that I almost forget that Layers are exsits at Illustrator 🙂

    For the second time, many thanks for you Jayhan, your work and your reply ^_^

  • Kate

    The file is forbidden! Help!

  • one feather creative

    Thank you so much. This is such a great resource for us designers. I appreciate your time. Do you take donations for your time?


    Thank you!! It’s great!!
    I hope I’ll someday be able to share something useful with you!

  • Sauna Spa

    Thanks for the download ! , appreciate your time for sharing this

  • Lorenzo




    may i use it for a poster ?
    it’s non-commercial, but for an Austrian organisation I’m working for.

    would be nice ! 🙂

    • jayhan

      Yeah sure! Go ahead and use it!

  • Say


    May I please use your dotted world map for an textbook I am creating an activity for? The lesson is on the difference between epidemic and pandemic. You map would be a good illustration of what pandemic can cover.

    Thank you,


  • nathan

    Many thanks, this is a fantastic resource!

  • René B

    Hey Jan Han

    I have my workstation in marketing in a big Danish shipping company, and I’m working on some environment reports. I would like to use and edit your dotted world maps to make them fit into the content of the report. It’s non-commercial.

    May I use your awesome world map?

  • Valerie

    This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    • jayhan

      @Valerie: You are welcome!
      @Rene B & Say: Sure! You can use it for your work. But a little credit would be awesome!
      @nathan Glad that you find it useful!

  • John John

    Merci dude !

  • Jack

    Awesome! Cheers

  • MIKI

    編集デザインをしているのですが、毎月出版される、地方の雑誌の世界特集のページにイメージとしてバックに使用したいのですが、よろしいでしょうか? みき。

    I found this map so nice When I’m looking for free world map.
    I’m editing designer in Japan, and I want to use it as image back for a special feature article of local monthly magazine….Can I use it free?  MIKI

    • jayhan

      こんにちは Miki, yes you can use it for free! ご自由に使ってください!

  • MIKI

    その後2回遊びに行きました!お仕事頑張ってください★ みき。

    Thanks so much!
    I have lived in KL about 6 years ago. There is so nice!
    after came back to Japan, I went to KL twice! I hope you’re doing well for business and everything★ MIKI

    • jayhan


  • bincio

    thanks so much

  • djinni

    yay thanks, super useful!

  • MIke

    I got it! trough the Dropbox link

  • curtis

    thanks 😀

  • fuj

    yay thanks

  • Shabs

    Hi Jayhan i could not find any of the link to download this map. Please help me out. Thanks you so so much 😀

  • Heita

    thank you!

  • james

    thanks so much

  • rio

    thank you so much

  • Dondi

    Can’t find the link to download. Where do I click?

  • Rodrigo Cardoso

    Hi Jayhan. I am an Information/Interaction architect for IBM and came across your vector map while working on a website re-design for
    I presented your dot map to the team and they loved it so we are using it in the new site. I suppose that it is commercial use but it’s a non-profit website classified as a Corporate Citizenship site. Not sure if you’re familiar with it but I encourage everyone to check it out. Volunteers share their CPU and GPU resources to help various research around the world. Feel free to email with questions or concerns.

    Cheers and thanks!


  • selly


  • Ethann

    Hi Jayhan,

    I have been searching something like this but i try to look for the link to download. Unfortunately, i can’t find any relevant link to download. Can you repost the link to me?

    Thanks a lot !!!

    Your site is really awesome!!! <3

  • Jayhan Sim

    Hi, you can download the map by clicking the “Pay with a Tweet or Facebook” button

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  • hakan

    I couldnt find any link. I facepaid 🙁

  • ryangge

    This is great! Cool dotted map!

  • kta


  • Wayne

    I believe that this is available with 3 different dot sizes. The download gave me an AI file that contains a single dot size. Where do I find the others?

    • Jayhan Sim

      Hi Wayne, please look at the layer panel. I set the other two dot sizes to be invisible. Just click on the “eye” icon to make it visible.

  • kyw

    thank you!

  • Sebastiaan van Velthoven

    Using this Dotted world map i made a world map out of matches. I used the middle-sized dots.

    You can see the result in the youtube link below 😉
    This is the prototype btw. I am planning to make it again but this time with the small-sized dots.

  • Nishant Shah

    Awesome! Cheers

  • mrugesh2808


  • Neph

    Definitely the best Dotted World Map I could find for free !!! Thank you so much Jayhan

  • Oshar El Pastelero Vazquez

    great great work! thanks

  • celim87


  • Luli G. de Verstraete

    hi! when I opened in illustrator i can’t do nothing with it… can’t even select it,,, what shall i do?


    I tweeted the msg but no link for download. No response after clicking VERIFY. Please help.

  • tigergamasa911

    شئ رائع

  • Xsmael The-Best

    am getting only small size dots why ?