Dotted world map vector resource

dotted world map vector resource download

Here I present you the dotted world map vector free for download. It comes with three different dot sizes which is fine, medium and large to cater for different purpose and needs. This dotted world map is based on the world map resource from Deviant Art, and I overlay a dotted pattern on top and slowly remove the unwanted dots to form the shape of the world. It took me several days to accomplish this but I think it’s worth it!

It’s available as vector in Adobe Illustrator and EPS file hosted on Gumroad. Continue read on to download the map!

Download the dotted world map

You can download the map for free by paying with a Tweet or a post to Facebook with just a click of the button below.

Download on Gumroad

You can use this freely on both personal or commercial projects. If you are using this for commercial project, I will be very happy if you inform me on how you use it and send me a copy of the design that uses the map.

Dotted world map preview

New dotted USA map free download!

Hey if you like this vector resources, I think you would like the dotted USA vector map I created recently. Click on this link to check it out!

Reference world map: DeviantArt

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