6 sites for brochure design inspiration & tips

Brochure design inspiration and tips

A brochure or pamphlet is a leaflet advertisement that normally used to promote latest products and services, or serves as one member of corporate identity merchandise. The new year has come and my company decided to redesign and print new corporate brochures. To produce the best brochure printing, I started to look out some inspiration and resources to aid my design process.

I had found some websites that fitted my needs, and the information provided is really helpful to read before you begin your full color brochure printing process. Brochure is not just about design solutions, it includes how you are going to fold the brochure, printing and other technical issue. Continue read to check out the design inspiration and useful tips to design a sure fire brochure that works.

Design Inspiration

Margin and columns: Your daily dose of Brochure Design Inspiration
Running by a design studio from Ireland, Margins and Columns is a site dedicated to brochure design.

Margin and columns: Your daily dose of Brochure Design Inspiration

Deviant Art – Brochure
When talk about design inspiration, Deviant Art definitely is one of the website that comes to my mind. Some brochures submitted are pretty well done too, including the nice brochure design above.

Deviant Art - Brochure

Crybaby Studio has created some nice brochure designs, good for design reference.


Design Tips

All Graphic Design – Brochure Design Tips & Techniques
All graphic design has collected pretty huge and useful links that related to brochure design tips. Recommended to bookmark this site for reference.

Fine Print – Brochure folding tips
If you looking for different styles of brochure folding and the terms, look no further than this site. Detail explanation together with graphic illustration.

Copy Craft Brochure Templates
This site provides useful templates for brochure design. Besides that, it also have many other sample templates for calendar, business card, CD booklets and more. The most important thing is, it’s FREE.

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