DesignWalker now in English

DESIGNwalker max: the English version of DesignWalker

DesignWalker is one of my most favorite Japanese design blog and I visit it almost every week. It serves as a diary of the web designer who worked in Los Angeles. The site is full packed with tonnes of collections of web design inspiration and resources that he found around the World Wide Web. I like DesignWalker a lot and recently I just discovered that DesignWalker has its English version. I think this is really a great news!

The English version is call DESIGNwalker max, the look and feel of the both website is almost identical. By checking the monthly archive, this site is just started in January 2008 which is this month, still fresh but it has already have quite some useful post entries. It is another recommended site to visit for web designers!

DESIGNwalker max: the English version of DesignWalker
Screenshot of DESIGNwalker max

The Japanese DesignWalker
Screenshot of DesignWalker

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