Short thoughts on “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book

Book cover of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'

When I was browsing for books to read at the end of last year, I often saw many recommended “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. The title arouses my interest and I was really curious and eager to learn if there are any tips that I can learn from. So I went to a big bookstore while travelling back in hometown in Kuala Lumpur and bought the book.

I bought the pocket size version and the book was really easy to read with many examples and i enjoyed reading it thoroughly. The tips on winning friends and influence people are practical and real. There are two main takeaways that I have from the book.

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Learn Cool Japan, Kanji and Casual Japanese and more – book review part II

Book review part II

On the previous post, I have read the book Cool Japan Guide, and today I’m going to introduce four more interesting Japanese related books, published by Tuttle Publishing.

These four books are: “Making out in Japanese”, “Cool Japan Guide ~Fun in the land of manga, lucky cats and ramen~”, “Japanese Kanji Made Easy: Learn 1000 kanji and kana the fun and easy way” and “Japanese Design: Art, Aesthetics & Culture”. Without further ado, continue reading to find out more about them!

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“Tokyo: Capital of Cool” – book review part I

Cover Photo of Tokyo: Capital of Cool book by Robb Goss

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is one of the most beautiful, bustling, busiest cities in the world. Tokyo is such a diversified destination with so many different lifestyles and cultures breathing under it, it’s difficult to describe it with just one word. But all can agree that Tokyo is the capital of Cool!

Today I want to introduce a new book called “Tokyo: Capital of Cool”, authored by Rob Goss. This book is really useful to foreigners from around the world who plan to travel to Tokyo, Japan to witness its coolness. It briefly talks about what Tokyo is about and showcasing the uniqueness of different sightseeing locations within different parts of Tokyo. Each page comes with a mix of images and text and you will be amazed at how crazy cool Japan is.

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