32 patterns of car racing game sites

32 patterns of car racing game sites

I did research on many car racing game sites and found that many of them use a lot of patterns for the site design. With all these small little patterns especially the carbon fiber patterns, the websites looks more racing feel. I took screenshots of each websites and turning them into Photoshop pattern preset and you too can download it right at the end of this post!

Besides car racing game sites like Need For Speed, Forza, GTR, Project Gotham Racing and other popular sites, I also include the patterns that inspired from other racing sites which is not related to games. I remake every patterns and successfully created 32 unique patterns shown below. Feel free to download to add it into your Photoshop pattern preset library. It could be useful in your next design ;).

Preview of the 32 patterns


The button design above are part of the sleek button designs at Useful Web Button PSD file. Please purchase it if you want to own one of them too. Check out my fresh GraphicRiver portfolio too 😀 .

1. Download the zip file above and extract it.
2. Put the “racing-game-pattern.pat” file into your Photoshop pattern presets folder.
3. In Photoshop, go to Edit and select Preset Manager. From the Presets Type choose Patterns.
4. Click the Load button and locate the “racing-game-pattern.pat” file. Click Ok.

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