Cute Japanese font for download

To be honest, Asian language fonts that is free are really hard to find, especially Japanese fonts. There are many Japanese fonts that can be type with English input but not the real actual Japanese input fonts. Plus, the system installed Japanese typefaces are so damn boring and too formal. But today I found a cute Japanese font free for download šŸ˜€ !

The font name is call “KFHimaji”. This font is multi-talented, because you can type alphabets, punctuation, Hiragana, Katakana and even Kanji and many more. The font example is shown below. The font was roundish, cute and happy. This is really one rare free font. So what are you waiting for? Just go to this page and download the cute font! [Direct Font Link] šŸ˜€

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Free online translation service for Japanese noob

Although I had self-studied Japanese for several years and how much I indulged myself into Japanese stuff, I’m still at beginner level of Japanese language. Blame my own laziness :P. In the past, when I listen to Japanese songs, I listen to the rhythm is enough, but now, I want to know what is the lyric mean, plus i surf a lot and a lot Japanese sites, for example Oricon chart and Japanese Wikipedia pages. But with my own tiny knowledge of Japanese language, how am I going to interpret the exact meaning?

Then, I found some free online translation services on the Internet that allow us to translate either partial of text entered or the whole web page content from Japanese into English. It is very convenient and useful for me who know a little of Japanese only. Here I listed out 10 available translation services that you can use freely. Some of them even supports other languages as well. Continue reading

Get free stock photos at

As a designer, I always hunt for free stuff, especially stock photos. These free stock images are important because they are free of charge and become handy when I can’t capture the photos myself. provides this by supplying free stock photos daily.

All you need to do is subscribe to their daily free stock photo RSS, and sign up to download the photo. Besides stock photo, free vectors was provided too, but only comes in once a month. Overall the free stock photo is good quality and huge in size, normally at least 2000px and above.

The picture shown above is one of the free stock photo i downloaded. Until now, I had download over 30-40 photos. So get yourself to and download the free stock photos! If you hunger for more, you can always go to this site and this site too.

4 sites for your testing needs

Human are always curious to test things out. We test things so that we can improve and be smarter. I found out 4 sites that provides free testing and comparing services that will save your time and to know your websites performance. The testing service varies from browser compatibility check to website readability test, let’s check this out.

Typetester – Compare screen fonts

Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. You can compare 3 fonts at a time, with a variety of options to customize your comparison for example text size, leading, tracking etc. You can test the web-save fonts like Arial and Verdana, it even reads all the fonts installed in your system and you can use them to for testing too.

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Creative packaging inspiration ~modern & vintage~

Packaging is one of the most common example of graphic design in the world. Apart from displaying the important information, the packaging has become an important sales tool. With the use of illustration, color, typography and even various packaging materials, designers can create an attractive image and build a brand identity that is eye-catchy and impactful, yet preserve the contents.

A beautiful and attractive packaging or corporate sign can boost the selling and stands out from the rack of competitors. For example the IZZE beverage packaging shown above, their sales grew 450% per year over the first two years without any TV commercials, print and web advertising. It must be its unique & simplicity of graphic approach together with clear and refreshing typeface that attracts people to buy it.

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I like Computer Arts magazine

As what title said, I Like Computer Arts! For the pass few months I had been buying several design magazines to get more readings and inspiration apart from the web research, such as Computer Arts (RM42), Practical Web Design (RM29.90) and Web Designer Mag (RM46.90). I had gone through these three books and all of them are nice to read, but I think Computer Arts appeals more.

Well is kinda unfair to compare in such a way because these three mag has their own function and target area. I like Computer Arts because it is more round up, I can get to see creative people’s showcase… inspiring tutorial and the Free CD content is rich too! I am here are not promoting this book but it is really nice to read with great content.

I think I will continue to buy the CA’s future issues. This does not mean that I will stop buying the other two, if there’s chance to meet them in the bookshelfs because, all these mags are hard to find thou in Malaysia… but you can find it in MPH, My-News and Popular bookstores if you ask where i get those.

Computer Arts mag, definitely a great resource and inspiration magazine that worth every penny.

About button design

Last week, I had been doing some UI design which consists of many buttons. When the first time I did for review, they said my button is too flat and not delicious enough to click. Hmmm okay.. Actually it is hard to judge a good button design but certainly is lack of research material out there! So what makes a good button? Actually I also not very sure. After that review I tweaked my button design and some of them shown above.

I used a lot of blend modes to achieve the 3D effect above for example: Drop shadow, gradient overlay, bevel and emboss, inner shadow, inner glow, stroke, outer glow…. Wow that’s a lot, and sometimes, several layers is needed to make a button. It is quite troublesome huh? But i quite happy with the outcome until the next review :P.

Good button examples

Actually I had three buttons in mind that I think is very good button. First up the Apple button, the glossy effect is really stand out from the rest (Example shown is firefox’s macfoxgraphite theme). Next is the Iconbuffet button. It is bold and contrasting color with the big and clear text, located in big whitespace, which makes it nice element to the page design too. And final, actually I don’t want to credit this but, the button is really well executed! Introducing the popular fart button. The button is very dominating and 3D realistic! But I never clicked it. šŸ˜›

Free online button generator

Sometimes, let the app do the button design for you, haha. Cool. Below are some websites that offering this service.

1. Buttonator – drag and drop web buttons (need pay thou for more option)
2. Adam Kalsey’s Button Maker
3. My Cool Button – Web 2.0 free button maker!
4. YaBB Button Generator – flash based generator. Slick but IMO it’s not very convenient.

5. Button maker web – I think this is far most the best button generator site. It has the most options and variation of designs available. Sadly it’s only in Japanese currently.


In the meantime of writing this post, DesignWalker posted an article about ways to execute icon’s shadow effect which is quite comprehensive and inspiring which I think is applicable to button design as well. Click here to read and grab the free useful resource file. Plus, Alex Griffioen’s How to make sexy buttons with CSS article, which i think is quite useful.

Bon Odori Fan Vector Download

Last week, I and my friends went to the Bon Odori at Shah Alam, and I wrote an entry about it too. It was an enjoyable event and definitely looking forward to go again next year. When arriving the stadium, everyone will get a plastic fan to get yourself cold down. When I take back home, I observe the form of the fan and suddenly have one idea in mind, why don’t just make it into vector graphic?

The form of the fan is pretty straight forward and easy to construct. Below I will show you how I create it in Illustrator CS2 as well as the vector file for download. Perhaps you may want to ask why I use black color? Well is because recently i read a post in PingMag, it says that black is getting popular in Japan. Look at that black toilet roll, cool. So I also want to experiment black with this fan. Well I think the result is not bad! šŸ˜€

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More free fonts & web gallery

What is so great about having a habit of surfing’s Popular and Recent bookmarks is, you get to know the nice & inspiring websites that discovered by other people which is so convenient and useful! Thanks to this social networking site, I found another 2 sites that provide quality free fonts & web design gallery.

Die Gestalten free fonts

Die Gestalten offers free fonts featuring experimental display fonts in addition to single weights of the popular text fonts for trial. The free fonts is being added and updated regularly so be sure to visit this site frequently to get all the free fonts they have on offer! Sadly some fonts is available for MAC only.

Style Boost

Styleboost is a gallery for showcasing beautiful web sites. It has been around since January 2001 and is created, designed and maintained by Johan Bakken. The gallery is clean and simple. Every sites that is listed here not only will be categorized by its characteristics, it also categorized by the colors of the site. Plus, a short description to further understanding the listed websites and it also allow users to comment too.

Jayhan’s 10 favorite blogs

Today marks the 10th birthday of blogging history & Mashable is asking to list out our 10 favorite blogs. And here is my list:

1. Techcrunch
The premium source of web technologies and news

2. Mashable
Very useful and resourceful Web2.0 website

3. Smashing Magazine
Inspiration, web design, reading, resources is all here. A must bookmark for web designers and developers.

4. Bittbox
Inspiring freebies, useful tricks and tutorial for both beginners and experienced!

5. Veerle’s Blog
Probably the most beautiful blog u ever seen.

6. Design Walker
Great resources and inspiration website.

7. PingMag
Another great design blog, including many fields like illustration, furniture, architecture etc.

8. Subtraction
Another nice blog which utilised grid layout. Very neat and easy to read.

9. Ikimasshoi+
Latest news about J-pop can be found here

10. Tokyograph
Another great site about Japanese entertainment. Music, gossips, dramas everything Japan!

So what is your list?