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I always think that my content width is a little narrow, so I decided to remove the original space that occupied by the date, and add the date together with the content to make full use of the space (original Illacrimo template). Another thing I changed is I shrink the original 1000px wide of webpage to 980px, to cater the 1024*768 user.

So, what do you think, better or worse? Personally i feel is better, but I need your input, kindly cast your vote below, thanks!

Are your plastic bottles safe to use?

Are your plastic bottle save to use?

Many people particular Asian countries like Malaysia uses plastic bottles as water container for drinking. Well, that’s including me when I was a student. I used bottles like mineral water bottle or soft drink bottles, because it is cheap and convenient. But did you know that those bottles could harm your health?

If you take a look under the plastic bottles, there will have a small triangle sign with numbers and characters shown in the picture below. That is SPI resin identification coding system which was developed by the NA Society of the Plastics Industry in 1988. Those numbers are to separate the different kinds of plastics when process for recycling.

But did you know that those codes can be used to identify a plastic that whether is save to use as water container or vice versa?

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Turn off your computer for a better tomorrow!

Turn off your computer for a better tomorrow!

Admit it. Yes, global warming is the biggest and most discussed issue in the world this year, and it’s getting worst day to day. I can feel it, the temperature in Kuala Lumpur is getting hotter and hotter. Everyone should should not take it easy on global warming because, it is happening and everyone should play their own role to save the country and world.

For groups of people who works with desktop or laptops, there is a simple way to stop the global warming from getting worse, and that is to POWER DOWN your device when it is not in use or you are away for lunch for example. You can do this by turning off the monitor power or simply let your laptop in sleep mode. By this, you save 200 lbs of Carbon Dioxide, according to Stop Global Warming Organization.

Actually this is not just applied to computers, you can do this with other electrical appliances like televisions, radios etc. Turn them off when not in use. By this, you can also save your money from paying bigger sums of bills as well as saving the world. Two huge benefits in one action, why not doing this?

If you think this is not enough, you can check this Top 50 things to do to stop Global Warming ,Take Action!, and Easy ways to live greener to see what other steps to do to stop Global Warming.

This article is in conjunction with Blog Action Day campaign, hopefully is not a little too late to post this!

Upgraded to WordPress version 2.3

I just successfully upgraded my blog to the latest WordPress 2.3 version. The latest version is much intelligent and the most important thing is the Tagging System is implemented. If you don’t know how to add it into your theme, just go to this site and they have a good tutorial on how to do it. I also putting in the Tag Cloud too. Because my blog has around 100 posts, it is going to take some time to tag all of them, and I have to think of re-categorizing it.

During the upgrade, the process is smooth and all the plugins is supported except Similar Posts. It gives me error message but luckily someone has posted up the solution, and now my Similar Posts is working like a charm as usual šŸ˜€ . Try looking at the comment #159 or#161 for instruction.

And then I found my blog is getting messy. I’m thinking of changing to cleaner theme. But before that I should do the tagging job first! šŸ™‚

Happy 50th Independence Day!

Today is a very special day for us because Malaysia is celebrating 50th Independence Day! This is definitely a day to remember as Malaysia has been Independence for half a century. Today is public holiday, many people are going hometown, others are going to Dataran Merdeka to witness the marching while me, sitting in front of computer and writing this post.

This year National Day’s theme is “Malaysiaku Gemilang” (My Glorious Malaysia), and the logo is shown below. According to The Star survey, many people was still unaware of this year’s theme. To be honest, I also not informed by the new theme and logo until yesterday. This shows me how lack I’m reading the National section of newspapers.

The logo is using back the national flag’s 4 color, red and white waving Jalur Gemilang resembles the number 5, while the yellow crescent resembles 0 to form 50. While at the bottom of 5, a hibiscus flower (Malaysia’s national flower) is depicted. The whole logo is surrounded by a oval shaped dark blue color to achieve the harmonious design. While a handwriting like typeface to write out “Malaysiaku Gemilang”. Overall, the design is logic and I like it very much. It looks refreshing.

To get to know more about the current and the past National Day emblem and its rationals, please log on to this site. This is not going to be an easy weekend for me because I had to sketch out some logos for a new game… still doing research, hope I’m doing fine! Finally and once again, HAPPY 50th INDEPENDENCE DAY! šŸ˜€

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Site Update – Useful Links Up

Today, I added up a new page “Useful Links” to compile the useful sites I posted up before and more. The reason I set up this page is to make the user to find the useful links easier and more convenient. The links will be breaking up according to the main categories, and the category can be click to either collapse or expand for batter navigation.

More links to be added up soon, so be sure check out this page often! Hope that you like it! šŸ˜€

Bottle Buster Game!

I’m here proudly presents you the game that produced by JG Games Malaysia, the company that I work in – Bottle Buster! I’m not involved in any part of the development team (I’m multimedia designer…), but the game is great and fun to play!

As cited in Gamezebo:

You may not have heard of Gamezilla yet, but after seeing a preview of their upcoming game Bottle Buster, we predict you’ll hear a lot about them soon. When Gamezilla told us they had licensed the Havoc Engine (used for hard core video games) to develop Bottle Buster, we were both intrigued and skeptical. But, the results are unlike any casual game we have seen before.

In Bottle Buster, you knock down bottles within a Rube Golding puzzle-like environment. The game features real-life physics, 40 levels, 10 different themes, and tons of stuffed animals and trophies to win.

Click on the Gamezebo link to get to see the screenshots :D.

The game is not out yet as people in JGG are working hard to make it perfect, please stay tuned and watch the sneak peek video above!

New Gear – Nikon D40x

This week, I got a new gear – Nikon D40x. I hesitate to say this but yes, I got this from my father as gift. It’s been a dream of having a DSLR, because before that I was using the compact camera which served me well for 3 years, and I found that it is quite restricted in terms of flexibility. DSLR had been in my wish list since last year, and finally I can remove it from the list, thanks a lot.

Although I used a SLR before in school, but I was total noob in DSLR. I had been practicing holding and shooting by using the Auto Mode. I yet to completely understand this camera because I’m just flipping through the first few page of the manuals. The manual or the programmable mode is all the one I want to learn.

Been expecting bad picture shooting in the beginning but hopefully I can improve step by step and be a good image capturer. Still a long way to go… Well, practice make perfect, starts shooting tomorrow!

And I think I shall sign up for Flickr account šŸ˜‰ Site Updates

I have been running this site for almost a month, and thanks for all the supports from you all, I appreciate it. But now I think my blog needs some polishing. And now I already decided, instead of stuff all the things I like into this blog, now I focus only two field, as title:


This two is my top favorites in my life. Although is just two, but that is enough for me to write, because they covers a lot of stuff too. For example, Design will go from web design, advertising to typography, wallpaper, tutorial, resources etc, while Japan will have dramas, musics, idols and more.

Because of this, I have to delete some post, so some comments will be gone, sorry bout it. Plus, I had change my feedburner RSS address too, please update the previous link with this, thanks very much!! Plus, I changed my WordPress theme too, what do you think of the new theme? It takes a long time to configure the theme thou, haha.

Please continue support my blog! šŸ˜€