New Gear – Nikon D40x

This week, I got a new gear – Nikon D40x. I hesitate to say this but yes, I got this from my father as gift. It’s been a dream of having a DSLR, because before that I was using the compact camera which served me well for 3 years, and I found that it is quite restricted in terms of flexibility. DSLR had been in my wish list since last year, and finally I can remove it from the list, thanks a lot.

Although I used a SLR before in school, but I was total noob in DSLR. I had been practicing holding and shooting by using the Auto Mode. I yet to completely understand this camera because I’m just flipping through the first few page of the manuals. The manual or the programmable mode is all the one I want to learn.

Been expecting bad picture shooting in the beginning but hopefully I can improve step by step and be a good image capturer. Still a long way to go… Well, practice make perfect, starts shooting tomorrow!

And I think I shall sign up for Flickr account šŸ˜‰

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