Bottle Buster Game!

I’m here proudly presents you the game that produced by JG Games Malaysia, the company that I work in – Bottle Buster! I’m not involved in any part of the development team (I’m multimedia designer…), but the game is great and fun to play!

As cited in Gamezebo:

You may not have heard of Gamezilla yet, but after seeing a preview of their upcoming game Bottle Buster, we predict you’ll hear a lot about them soon. When Gamezilla told us they had licensed the Havoc Engine (used for hard core video games) to develop Bottle Buster, we were both intrigued and skeptical. But, the results are unlike any casual game we have seen before.

In Bottle Buster, you knock down bottles within a Rube Golding puzzle-like environment. The game features real-life physics, 40 levels, 10 different themes, and tons of stuffed animals and trophies to win.

Click on the Gamezebo link to get to see the screenshots :D.

The game is not out yet as people in JGG are working hard to make it perfect, please stay tuned and watch the sneak peek video above!

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