1st anniversary and 5 things about me

1st anniversary and 5 things about me

Time running fast, with a split of time I already been into blogging for one year! I started to blog one year ago just because I wanted to try it (because everyone is blogging!) but immediately got addicted to it. However, I never knew I can have such determination to continue blogging but obviously the supports from visitors and readers. Thanks everyone :D.

Blogging is really cool and benefiting. I get to know new people, discover new stuff and knowledge and able to express my idea. Some weeks ago, Renee Chung tagged me. Sorry for dragging so long, but since is 1st anniversary and recently my blog was Stumbled (thanks!), I think now is the good time to talk about five things about me.

“Man with less words”

No I’m not Gordon Freeman, but I don’t usually talk much. Everyone who know me will have a impression of me that I’m a super quiet person. I’m not good in getting around with people I don’t know much, but if become my good friend, I might talk a little bit more.

Computer Life

Thanks to my job nature, I spent half of my life in front of computer. At work, in front of computer. At home, in front of computer. I can do many things with it like blogging, research, finding stuff, play games… However, I’m not interested in social networking. I did have one or two account but I just lazy to take care of it. And I don’t usually open my Instant Messaging too. But now I kind of realize that computer life is a bit tiring too..

Escape from Shopping Mall

Seriously I don’t like to go shopping malls. It does not appear interesting to me. Well maybe is because I am alone all the time. When in shopping mall, I see everyone is in pairs and it hurts me. Damn. However there is exception too. The shopping mall I like is Suria KLCC because it has a huge bookstore call Kinokuniya. You can find me spent most of my time in bookstore or lurking CD stores when in mall.

Besides J-pop

My main music genre is going to be Japanese Pop music, but I also listen to other genre as well like Trance and Classical music. Basically music plays important role in my life. But it would be really good if I can play one or two instruments too. When small I learn piano then violin, but unfortunately I stopped. I am totally regret now until the rest of my life. If there is a chance to correct things of my past, I will definitely choose to continue play violin.

Your sparkling pair of eyes

LOL at the title. Actually I have a phobia since small and that is I scared to look to the people’s eye I’m talking to. I’m either looking left,right or down (never up!) and this applies to male and female. I know it’s quite disrespect but I’m trying to overcome it every time. Well now I think I improved.

Well this is it, 5 stuff about me. I think this pretty much sums up my personality. Hope you enjoy reading it. šŸ˜€

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If You Are Able To Survive You Must Remember That I Love You

This is not a design or Japan related post, but it is so sad and touching that I had to share it with my blog readers. I came across is tearing slide presentation at SlideShare, about a mother protecting her child in the recent earthquake disaster in Sichuan China. Unfortunately the mother was dead because of the hard objects hitting on her. But the rescuer found out that there is a baby under her child and quickly get him out. The child was fine, thanks to his mother. Then the rescuer found a hand phone near the baby and on the screen, it says “My dearest child, if you are able to survive you must remember that I Love You”.

This is such a sad story. In the earthquake that struck last week, it already taken so many people’s life (40,000 and counting), and every life behind there is a family, and there is a story to tell. If there is no earthquake, maybe they are enjoying their life right now with friends and family. But the earthquake just ruined it all. I hope everyone can pray and hope for Sichuan so that everything will become OK. And my respect to all the rescuers and medics and many more unsung heroes who are restless and working hard to save more life. has a new look!

After few days of hardwork, tonnes of excitement and frustration, finally my first ever self-designed WordPress template is done and up! Although is not very finalize yet, but I decided to activate it. Now is midnight in Malaysia and I have to go to sleep now. I will share with you my experience of creating this template some time in future šŸ˜€ !

SHIFT logo design competition winner announced

SHIFT logo design competition winner announced

Last month, I participated in SHIFT logo design competition and the winner of this competition was announced today. The logo design entry that selected to represent SHIFT next 10 years is by Simon Sparkes. Big congratulations to him!

My design does not make the cut which I felt a little sad. But I was very amazed by the originality and creativity by other submissions that made into the Excellent Works. The designs were truly out of the box. Once again, big congratulations to the winner and everyone that nominated into Excellent Works in this wonderful competition.

Can SaveTheDevelopers save the developers?

Can SaveTheDevelopers saves the developer?

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting campaign website called The aim of this website is to tell everyone in this world upgrade or change the web browsers to the latest version and dumb that evil Internet Explorer 6! So to make the campaign works, a small JS file can be installed in any website so that a message will prompt out for those who still using that evil browser “Upgrade or switch your browser now!”

Every web developers and designers knew that IE 6 is a nightmare browser, because a well coded website using standard CSS will turns out ugly in IE 6. So a lot of precious time and energy was spent just to make things right in that browser. Why care about the outdated browser? This is because there is still a lot of people using it. So born this website aimed to save the developer. But will this campaign successful? Continue reading

Bottle Buster is super fun!

Bottle Buster is super fun!

Bottle Buster is a exciting and carnival feel ball throwing 3D casual game that has amazing graphics and realistic physics like no other casual games. It was fun and addictive to play. The game consists of 40 challenging levels with 10 different environment themes and tonnes of stuffed toys and trophies to won! And this game was developed right here in John Galt Games studio in Kuala Lumpur.

I had to mentioned the excellent art team because they produce the amazing graphics which cheers up the whole game experience, gotta love that smiling ball. Besides that, the sound and the physics was well done too. Bottle Buster actually was started a year ago and although it was just a casual game, but it took quite a long period of time to make it great. Our studio here had done numerous rounds of game testing just to make it right. This is the first time I can really feel that a game is not easy to make. Continue reading

SHIFT logo design competition

SHIFT logo design competition

In conjunction with SHIFT 10th year anniversary, they held a logo design competition to use for corporate logo for the next 10 years. Everyone can just submit their own logo design (maximum 5 designs per person), and got to be hurry because the deadline is on the 15th of March which is 3 days later.

You can check out more information on this competition in SHIFT Logo Design Competition page. Above is my design entry for this competition, very simple and minimalistic. Click here for bigger image. Wish me luck and hope that miracles can happen! šŸ˜€

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the first day of new year according to Chinese calendar, so Happy Chinese New Year and wish you to have a happy and prosperous new year to all my fellow Chinese visitors. 2008 is the year of rat so I create a cute rat family above, celebrating the festive season. Hope you guys enjoy your New Year celebration!

Happy 23rd birthday to me

Happy 23rd Birthday to me

Yes, now I am a 23 years old boy. I was suppose to write this yesterday but I was too hesitate and shy but finally I wrote this out, but edited the post time stamp. So Happy Birthday to me! O-tanjoubi omedetou! šŸ˜€

My birthday celebration is rather simple, no cakes no presents, just having a dinner with family, thats it. Maybe this suited my personality because I am a shy and quiet person and doesn’t like to make things big and complicated. I just love simplicity. Well, a few of my old friends also greeted me through text messaging, here I want to say thank you very much.

Continue reading

PINKY & Web Design Index by Content 3

PINKY & Web Design Index by Content 3

Recently I bought two book at Kinokuniya Malaysia, one is “Web Design Index by Content 3” and “PINKY” January 08 issue. “Web Design 3” is a reference book about nice and inspiring web designs that grouped in different categories with 500 great web design examples, while “PINKY” is a trendy magazine about the latest fashions, accessories and make up. During last year around the same time, I bought the same book too, but is “Web Design 2” and “PINKY” January 07 edition. It becomes an annual buying for me already.

Maybe you will feel stupid to buy “Web Design Index by Content 3”, because many of them already are not so new and there is tonnes of web design galleries out there. But I still feeling good that the gallery to be presented in a printed version, because I can get web design inspiration when I was away from computer or without Internet connection. Plus the examples shown inside are pretty good too. It provided me design inspiration and it is a nice book to have.

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