General in Safari

So, I downloaded and tested the browser, firstly I think the page loads slower than Firefox, maybe because Apple’s software is resource hungry? i notice the text rendering is also different. Then I try to display my homepage in Safari… and tada… styling has a bit of problem.. the text render as Times News Roman instead of CSS assigned Arial. I quickly amend the CSS and finally fix it. So I took the screenshot of my website in Safari, now looks like usual already, hahah! Nice one.

Another thing, the Safari internal RSS reader is kinda cool too. when click the RSS button, then my RSS page drops down and covers the whole page. I click the button again, it rises up and gone. Animated RSS page transition cool…. and the RSS page styling looks nice too. Below are the screenshots, please have a look thanks! Kinda fall in love with Safari already.

Mainpage screenshot | RSS screenshot

You Don’t Have Permission To Do That??

After I switch my hosting, I installed the latest wordpress version 2.2. But I encounter a strange problem where I can Delete post and manage my categories, although I am the admin! How do you feel when you are the king but none of people listen to you?? It’s so frustrated! So strange… so I reinstall my wordpress couple of times but the problem still there. So I look for support and found this link. Seems that many people also encounter this problem too. Then I read through the post and found one link, suppose to be the solution, and I click it and edit according to the solution and.. voila, problem solved… YES!

Use good hosting and Archive your stuff!

The first time using WordPress to blog, I’m so excited and almost everyday I post new entry. But after two weeks of happy blogging, earthquake struck.. My hosting [which is free] down, and my posts gone.. I stoned out there after seeing this… I know is my fault for using free hosting, so I can’t blame anyone but myself.. It was a bitter experience for me.

So, I immediately switch my hosting to ServerFreak Linux Hosting. Luckily I still save my pictures and changes in my computer here, so I quickly reinstall my current theme and finally, it starts working again. Huuray! Plus, ServerFreak is fast, I can upload files quicker, thanks! But still sad that my previous posts are all gone, and I have to redo it once more.. well this really teach me lessons that we shall backup our web content as well!

So, two things I learn after this incident. Hopefully I will be smarter next time!

Happy Blogging!

London 2012 Olympic Emblem

Recently London unveiled the emblem of London Olympic 2012. It consists of a huge, bold, magenta colour “2012″, with “London” text sits at the bottom of the upper “2″, and Olympic logo at the “0″. It accompanied with white stroke and white shadow, with a vibrant cyan as background. When I look at it, I think the logo is quite impressive because it’s brave, original and very global feel, to suit the motto “Everyone’s Games, Everyone’s 2012″. However, it does not represents London, if this logo is without the “London” text, people might not know the logo is from which country.

When I search through the net, I came across this article in CreativeReview blog and read it. Here I quote the pros and cons that posted in there:


  • It’s original and brave.
  • It contains none of the following: Big Ben, bulldogs, crowns and assorted other royal paraphernalia, the Union Jack, cross of St George, Pearly Kings and Queens, abstract figures doing vaguely athletic things.
  • It will work across a range of media, which will be vital in 2012 when coverage of the Games will break over a range of formats – eg mobile phones, PCs.
  • Children will probably like it and, like Whitney, we believe that they are the future…
  • Anything that annoys the Evening Standard this much can’t be all bad


  • You can’t read it very easily.
  • It already seems outdated – New Rave may be very On Trend with the fashion world this season but this still has five years of life to live out.
  • It’s inelegant and brash (unlike the restrained beauty of, say, Aicher’s work for Munich in 1972) – and what does that say about London?
  • It looks a bit like something Neil Buchanan might have put together on Art Attack. And, as a result, graphic design will receive another pasting in the popular press. “How much? My kid could have done better…”
  • If you stare at it long enough, some dirty-minded bloggers have been saying, it kind of looks like Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow job.

When I read the last sentence, I look back to see the logo again, it is TRUE! Oh man….. I’m not hate this logo thou, I like it because it is original and brave, like no other, but not this intercourse thingy….

Check out the logo animation here.