PINKY & Web Design Index by Content 3

PINKY & Web Design Index by Content 3

Recently I bought two book at Kinokuniya Malaysia, one is “Web Design Index by Content 3” and “PINKY” January 08 issue. “Web Design 3” is a reference book about nice and inspiring web designs that grouped in different categories with 500 great web design examples, while “PINKY” is a trendy magazine about the latest fashions, accessories and make up. During last year around the same time, I bought the same book too, but is “Web Design 2” and “PINKY” January 07 edition. It becomes an annual buying for me already.

Maybe you will feel stupid to buy “Web Design Index by Content 3”, because many of them already are not so new and there is tonnes of web design galleries out there. But I still feeling good that the gallery to be presented in a printed version, because I can get web design inspiration when I was away from computer or without Internet connection. Plus the examples shown inside are pretty good too. It provided me design inspiration and it is a nice book to have.

Well, I’m a male and what’s the reason to buy “PINKY” which have nothing related to male stuff? The answer is on the cover page. Yes, she is one of my favorite Japanese model and idol Suzuki Emi! I first known her in a Japanese drama “Gal Circle”, her beauty and trendy look captured my eyes. She is the top model for “PINKY” and she appears on the cover for “PINKY” for numerous of times in a year as well as this important New Year issue! Last year’s January 07 issue, she is on the cover too. Plus, a year 2008 calendar is included as gift too! To check out the magazine and her prettiness, you can go this Suzuki Emi fan site.

Both book are not cheap, “Web Design Index by Content 3” is about RM122 while “PINKY” is RM35. “Web Design” is annual book so it does not matter a lot but “PINKY” is monthly, that’s the reason I bought an issue per year. In the end, both books are having something meaningful in my life!

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