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Best of 2014 and predictions for 2015


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Best of 2014 and predictions for 2015

Happy New Year guys! 2014 has comes to an end and I wish everyone to have a great year 2015 ahead! As the tradition of this blog, every end of the year I will gather around the “best of” links around the web and put them into one post. This years I have gathered best links ranging from best design resources, identity redesigns, mobile apps to user experience and more.

Not only that, I also gathered a few post about trend prediction for year 2015. Continue reading this post to find out those links!

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2014: Year In Review


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2014: Year In Review

Time travels like a bullet and now 2014 is coming to an end in just few more days. How was your year of 2014? Hope you enjoyed your year with happiness. For me, it was my final year before stepping into 30s in age. Lots of ups and downs but I cherished every moment of it. And you now what, I actually went to Japan again few weeks back to see the autumn leaves. Autumn leaves, are indeed very beautiful.

This year, many big tech companies published their version of Year In Review to reflect back the big things and happenings that occurred in 2014. Continue reading to find out more.

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4 sites for your flyer design inspiration fix


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Flyer at abstract.jp

Today I stumbled upon a gallery that is dedicated to flyer designs: Today’s Flyer (今日のフライヤー). It has a Pinterest-like layout where you can see many good flyer designs in masonry grid layout format. The site features not only flyers from Japan but also around the world too. The flyers are tagged so you can quickly find flyer designs of the specific style.

According to the creator, @tet, he thinks that flyer designs should be treated as a work of art that reflects the society’s style of living and also the cultures, but surprisingly it was often taken for granted and normally will be just thrown to trash can. So he created this site in order to appreciate the flyer designs and to leave them as memory.

Examples of flyers featured on Abstract.jp

Besides his sites, there are many other websites and portals that you can look for cool and inspiring flyer designs, like below:

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How to download Proxima Nova, Brandon Grotesque, Museo, Apercu etc for free*


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Download premium free fonts

With the introduction of @font-face in CSS3, we are no longer restricted to just operating system fonts. There are many high quality open source fonts that are hosted on sites like Google Fonts and Font Squirrel that you can use it on your designs and websites. But what if you want to have a try on popular webfonts like Proxima Nova, Brandon Grotesque, Museo, or Apercu and many more for free? Most probably you will have to pay, or subscribe to use those fonts.

But there is a way that you can download the aforementioned fonts for free, not only just the font but the entire font family. Continue read on to find out how you can do it.

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Dotted USA map vector free download!


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Dotted USA map vector download

Here I present you the dotted map of United States of America (USA) in vector format that is free for download! Like the previous dotted world map, it comes with three different dot sizes: fine, medium and large to cater for different purpose and needs. This dotted USA map is based on the vector map from FreeVectorMaps.com

It comes with two vector file format: AI for Adobe Illustrator and EPS for other vector graphic programs. The map is totally free to download and you can use it for commercial works too! Continue reading to download the file.

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Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo


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Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo

Recently I stumbled upon a really cute and unique song on Youtube when I’m listening to my favourite channel Majestic Casuals. The song name is called “Flamingo” and is from a music group from UK called Kero Kero Bonito.

As you might have known, flamingos are pink in color. So this singer is questioning why are they pink? Maybe because of the shrimps which was flamingo’s main source of food? So if human eat more shrimps, could the human eventually change their skin color to pink as well? The lyrics was quite wacky and was sang in both English and Japanese. Read more to listen to the song and also the lyrics.

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Email newsletter inspiration and resources that you should read


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With so many ways of connecting with your customers and readers, email newsletter is still one of the best, and the most relevant one. For example, a newsletter sign up for weekly news update from blog, or a newsletter containing your company’s latest promotions and offer to attract customers back.

In this article, you will find essential links to best newsletter designs, and also resources and guide to build a responsive, effective newsletter that just works. Without further ado, continue reading to find out those links!

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More cute emoticons with JapaneseEmoticons.net


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More cute emoticons with JapaneseEmoticons.net

Back in the year 2007, I posted an article “Japanese kaoani and emoticon” on where you can look for cute Japanese style emoticons. It’s almost 7 years ago and is such a relieve that the site is still active! Today, I’m going to introduce to you another site that you can find many cute emoticons!

This website is called JapaneseEmoticons. You can find all sorts of examples like emotions, animals and many other unique and more modern one. Well you can browse through all of the emoticons and copy paste the emoticons you like!

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Best of 2013


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Best of 2013

Yup, in just a blink of an eye and now we are at the end of the year 2013. How was your year? Are you able to achieve your goal that you set, and learn the skills that you want to acquire? Well, surely for me it was a year with lots of ups and downs, happiness and sadness.

As usual, here I will dedicate this post, collecting all the “best of” articles from around the net that revolves around web design and development, from best free fonts and best tools of 2013. Continue read to find out more!

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Find and download hundreds of free Japanese fonts


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Find and download hundreds of free Japanese fonts

Today I would like to introduce a small side project I’m working on right now, Free Japanese Font, a convenient site to find the good quality free Japanese fonts on the Internet. I had been running these site for six months and now it has more than hundreds of fonts!

The fonts were categorised in several font styles, for example: handwriting, calligraphy, rounded, display fonts and lots more. Feel free to visit the website and look for your favorite Japanese font!

Screenshots of fonts showcased in Free Japanese Font