A lot has happened in this 6 years

Minna-san, ohisashiburi desu. It’s been a while since I last wrote my article. 6 years ago I was 30 years old, I made many big change and decisions to y life including buying my own car, trying to start a new company and then the biggest change is to move to Singapore at the end of 2015. Moving to Singapore opened a new chapter in my life, I’m constantly learning and gaining new experience. Hence the interest in writing has been slowly fading out.

During this 6 years, I continue working as a designer, but for financial institution. Singapore is one of the top financial and tech hub in Southeast Asia, I felt the tremendous opportunity to learn and to grow myself as a designer. I also started to be more active outdoor by having weekly runs and cyclings. I have ran several marathons including one in Osaka in 2018.

Moving to Singapore alone wasn’t easy, and I’m lucky to have caring friends and colleagues that help me and cheer me along the way. I appreciate all the new experiences and opportunities i gained in Singapore.

I’m thinking to restart my writing journey again and to share my discoveries, thoughts, and experiences gained, and hope to connect with like minded people like you again.

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