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Font Matcherator

When comes to finding the font name of the font that we came across on designs or images, usually What The Font by MyFonts would be the best tool to use. And now we have another new tool that can do similar thing, and that is the Font Matcherator from FontSpring.

The function is pretty much similar: you upload an image with the font you want to find out, then Font Matcherator will do their best to find the fonts from their font database that have the closest match to the font.

Testing the tool

We will be using this inspirational quote as test.

We will be using this inspirational quote as test.

To get the best results, you have to upload images with big size text and have clear edges around the characters. Here I uploaded an inspiring quote image shown above. Notice that the text was overlayed on top of a photo, but the font edges are still crisp, allowing Font Matcherator to easily identifies the shape of each characters and thus finds the best match.

Test Result

Below is the top result produced, and the tool made a pretty good guess. The top result font looks really similar to the one in the picture. Of course the fonts suggested are premium fonts from FontSpring and you can buy the fonts if you want! Each results has its own unique link that you can refer to at later time. Click here to see the result page of this test.

Search Result

As a conclusion, Font Matcherator can be a good alternative to What The Font when comes to font identification and I hope that you will find it useful to you some day!

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