Beautiful Monogram Logo Designs


When launching a brand you need to make sure that you make your mark with the logo that you choose. It says a lot about the message that you are trying to get across and it’s quite common for people to use monogramed logos to make things look more personal.

They aren’t exactly modern they have been about since ancient Greece, but they really started to become popular in the late 19th century. They don’t need to be a person’s initials which is what some people think, they could be any letters (usually 2) that will create an acronym that you will remember.

They were used initially by companies in the fashion industry, as it created the persona of an exclusive club or even a luxury brand, and they have now evolved to be used by companies in any industry.

Look at pgbingo for instant which is actually an acronym for Pay Great Bingo:


This logo is definitely one that will grab attention with its bright colours that contrast one another well and the use of stars and a funky looking bingo ball.
Here’s one from the fashion industry which as mentioned where they were originally so popular. Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton

As soon as you look at this logo – you can tell straight away that it will suit people with expensive taste. It’s elegant, sleek and classic and is perfectly in-keeping with the brand itself. You can find Louis Vuitton wherever you go and on all of their products you will find this logo, including those signature handbags that everyone raves about.

Then there is Calvin Klein! As well as boxer shorts, t-shirts and bags – you will find aftershave and perfume all with this logo on there:

Calvin Klein

Again it is a classic design as there is no need for anything too fancy for what they are going for – all it is to be sophisticated. Calvin Klein are one of the most recognised brands in the world and it is definitely in part to this fantastic monogram logo.

There we have it folks, there are 3 logo’s that are very much respected within their own industry. Of course you have heard of Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein, unless you are a bingo fan you may not have hear of pgbingo but they are one of the best portals for finding out all of the best free bingo deals around.

If you want to see more good examples of monogram design, why not head over to Hong Kiat’s blog and check out his article on “40 classy uses of monogram logos”.

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