14 inspirational web design galleries for 2023

It’s new year and let’s start it right with a refreshing mind and take a look at what are the great designs out there, done by creative designers with modern tools. As a designer myself, I always hunger for good designs that can ignite that spark for my design work. In this article, I will be sharing 12 web design galleries that I found recently and would like to share with you.

In the examples, you’ll find a mixture of galleries that showcase nice landing pages, the technology, the motion and the styles used, but also galleries of for UX focus that demonstrate user flows and jobs to be done. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!


Godly has been rising to popularity recently and become one of the go-to websites for web design inspiration, especially for websites that utilise heavy motion design. Creating website with motion and scrolling effects has become easier and more accessible, so it’s refreshing to see how the web design has evolved til today. You can:

  • View examples recorded in videos, effectively showcasing the motion and scrolling effect.
  • Check information on web technology and typeface used.
  • Browse by website types and design styles.

Landing Love

Landing Love is a cool gallery with a focus on animation websites. There are currently more than 300+ examples, and you will be sure to find some examples that pushes story telling with web animation to the limit. You can:

  • Browse animated websites and some static screenshots
  • Filter examples with categories


Web3Inspiration is a clean gallery to easily browse good landing page design. This gallery works best on a large monitor as the thumbnails are really big. However, the collections are limited and it’s not frequently updated. You can:

  • View full length screenshots.

Landing Folio

Landing Folio is a growing library of inspiration focusing on landing pages, pricing pages, error pages or more, viewed either on desktop or mobile. However the layout might be a little bit busy, in my opinion, it’s a little bit hard to browse for the designs that I like.

  • View full length screenshots
  • Browse by industries, page types or colours.
  • Switch between desktop and mobile view.

One Page Love

One Page Love is another destination for landing page inspiration. Browse through good web designs with the masonry style thumbnails, and click into it for full length screenshot.

  • View full length screenshots
  • Browse by features and categories.
  • Browse and find what typefaces are being used in the design.

SAAS Landing Page

SAAS Landing Page is a gallery dedicated to Software-as-a-Service landing pages. The thumbnails are neatly arranged in a 3 column view for your quick glance. Clicking on one of the examples, you’ll see the design in full length.

  • View full length screenshots
  • Filter with page types like landing page, pricing page, FAQ, contact us and more.
  • Find the dominant colours, typeface and the technology used for the design.

Mobbin Web

Mobbin is known for the gallery for mobile app screenshots, but recently they also launch gallery for the web app category. In a typical Mobbin fashion, you’ll find many screenshots of web apps categorised in flows. For web app designers, Mobbin is indispensable.

  • Browse by apps, page types, component or UI patterns and flows.
  • View of the step by step user journey.
  • Intuitive and powerful search bar for deeper filtering.

Refero Design

Refero Design is another gallery similar to Mobbin, with a huge collection of screens consists of marketing pages and post-login screen flows. It has more than 9000 screen examples and currently it’s fully free of charge. It’s matter of time Refero will start to implement paywall in the future.

  • Browse web apps with UX patterns and UI elements.
  • Powerful search functions for deeper filtering.

No Code Supply Co – Inspo

No-code design tool is on the rise and has gotten really powerful and intuitive. No Code Supply Co is a new website that celebrates cool websites that are done with no-code tools like Framer and Webflow.

  • Browse designs made with no-code tools.
  • Filter by tags and industries.


Web designers shouldn’t feel strange to Awwwards, a long time destination for good website designs. Each day, a site will be featured, and you may browse all the Site-of-the-day websites, and find the design details in it. However the pet peeves I have with Awwwards is the website loads really slow, and navigating the site is a tad hard.

  • View examples and get details like the colours and fonts used.
  • Browse with Technology, Elements or curated Collections.

Doing Cool Stuff

Doing Cool Stuff showcases the brand and digital product design studios that do cool design stuffs. You may find information about the studio by its size, location and studio type.

Dark Mode Design

As the name suggests, Dark Mode Design showcases best web designs that are dark themed, or supports dark mode. The gallery was rather simple and without any category filter. Just scroll and get inspired!

Framer Gallery

Lastly, let’s take a look into Framer Gallery, a dedicated inspirational page for web designs made with Framer! Framer quickly rising to the stardom for being an enjoyable tool for making responsive web designs. If you’re eager to know more about what Framer can do, why not head to their gallery to take a look?

Killer Portfolios

As exactly what the title of the website suggests, Killer Portfolios showcases some of the top quality portfolio websites around the world. Not only that, it also analyses the key design details that make the portfolio stands out.

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