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Free carbon fibre photoshop pattern first ever freebies! And this is carbon fibre pattern texture. Download the gif below to your computer, and then open it in Photoshop. Go to Edit > Define Pattern.. , then a windows pop up, rename it and click OK. Tada, the pattern is installed and you can use Pattern Stamp Tool and start playing! Have fun!

Download pattern here (or right click > Save Link As).

YUI – My Generation Lyric

Today, YUI releases her latest maxi single My Generation/Understand. Actually, back in few days earlier, I already listened to this song from the PV that aired in May. The single is a rocker, I fall in love with this song and keep on looping in my media player. I like it because the song is like a expression of the youth.. actually I really dunno the lyrics but from the rock music and a little assist from the PV, I can feel that. And this song actually is the theme song for current airing drama Seito Shokun!

About the B-side of the song “Understand”, is more down paced. The single also includes the acoustic version of CH.E.R.RY. Has to thanks ch.e.r.ry because it was this song that intro me to YUI since March or April. Now, YUI is one of my favourite singer and you can see that in my profile. Click this link to grab My Generation lyrics (Understand included too).

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Hot wallpaper for download!

Yo Peeps, last week I found this hippie yet sexy wallpaper to share with you! Very sexy, healthy and seductive huh, what do you think? Sadly resolution just have 1024*768 only. Wanted to know who is this hawt girl? Well, her name is Juliana, a Brazilian and Japanese mix. Check out her blog here. Sorry, nihongo only. Credits to MILK magazine vol. 300. I like this magazine very much.

Click here to download the wallpaper! in Safari

So, I downloaded and tested the browser, firstly I think the page loads slower than Firefox, maybe because Apple’s software is resource hungry? i notice the text rendering is also different. Then I try to display my homepage in Safari… and tada… styling has a bit of problem.. the text render as Times News Roman instead of CSS assigned Arial. I quickly amend the CSS and finally fix it. So I took the screenshot of my website in Safari, now looks like usual already, hahah! Nice one.

Another thing, the Safari internal RSS reader is kinda cool too. when click the RSS button, then my RSS page drops down and covers the whole page. I click the button again, it rises up and gone. Animated RSS page transition cool…. and the RSS page styling looks nice too. Below are the screenshots, please have a look thanks! Kinda fall in love with Safari already.

Mainpage screenshot | RSS screenshot

Apple new look

Today, I go to the Apple website, and found out the site look and feel is a bit different. Woot! The famous glossy Apple style navigation bar had changed to a more classy grey color bar. The sub second line bar is gone, but replaced with graphical slider bar, that’s uber cool! Overall, the bar looks way cleaner and modern than the old one! Brave and smart move Apple! I like it! Besides the whole website look and feel is more cleaner, classier too. Definitely Apple at its own class!

By the way, there is a great news for Windows user as Safari, the premium web browser for Apple, is available for Windows as well! Currently still in Beta, but you can download the beta version via here! Can’t wait to test it out, cool! Here are the news release note:

“Apple® today introduced Safari™ 3, the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use web browser for Windows PCs and Macs. Safari is the fastest browser running on Windows, based on the industry standard iBench tests, rendering web pages up to twice as fast as IE 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. Safari joins iTunes® in delivering Apple’s legendary user experience to both Windows and Mac® users as well as full support of open Internet standards. Safari 3 features easy-to-manage bookmarks, effortless browsing with easy-to-organize tabs and a built-in RSS reader to quickly scan the latest news and information. Safari 3 public beta is available today as a free download at”

You can read more at here. Credits to 456BereaStreet.

Where to get quality free vectors?

Vectors are cool. Unlike bitmap, vectors are lightweight and won’t losing its quality even you enlarge it or shrink it. Here I compiled a list of websites where you can get free, open source vectors for collection! Yoroshiku!

VectorVault free downloads

Everyweek, Vector Vault will have new free vectors available for download. Join their mailing list to get notified!

Go Media’s Arsenal sample vector

Go Media has awesome vector packs. They give out sample for free testing too.


A great compilation site of free vectors

Briar Press Cuts

An extensive vector collection site. More on flourish ornaments.


Besides that, TutorialBlog here has created a great list of free vector resources, be sure to check out some awesome freebies there! Other honorable mentioned great vector sites are DeviantArt and BittBox. Thanks 😀

100 best typefaces presented by FontFont

Today morning I stumbled upon to a great site, which is “Die 100 Besten Schriften” or “The 100 Best Typefaces”, presented by FontFont. Sadly the site is not in English (in German), but the most important is the font name is still recognizable. I knew 8 of that top 10. Helvetica deserves to be the no.1 because it was so influential in typography history, and even there is a movie dedicated to this font. Another font I like is Futura. Very nice, stylish and future feel! Well, with this list, certainly you can gain a lot of typography knowledge. Be sure to bookmark that page! Here I listed out the top 10 out of 100 of that list.

The top 10 fonts:

  1. Helvetica
  2. Garamond
  3. Frutiger
  4. Bodoni
  5. Futura
  6. Times
  7. Akzidenz Grotesk
  8. Officina
  9. Gill Sans
  10. Univers

Credit: SmashingMagazine, Wikipedia

Open Source Food Logo

This is the site that inspires me to write this post. Introducing OpenSourceFood. It’s about food sharing and rating community site. When I entered website, immediately attracted by the cleanliness, user friendly layout and.. the LOGO! The logo is a sliced boiled egg, constructed by just using two round shape, one yellow on top and a bigger white circle at back. Plus supported by the text “Open Source Food” at the side. I think the font used is “Myriad Pro”. Well, if you have some nice food to share or lack of cooking idea, be sure checking out this page!

Besides that, I gathered some sites that serves similar function which has a quite nice logo too. Be sure to continue reading!

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Sawajiri Erika debut as “ERIKA”

Japan popular young star Sawajiri Erika will make her debut as ERIKA with her first single “FREE”, to be released on 4th of July! Her “FREE” single will release in CD and CD+DVD version. CD+DVD version will features an original 12 pages color booklet. CD will contain three songs which is “FREE”, “Fantasy” & “Time to go home” plus original instrumental edition of “FREE”.

Sawajiri Erika, previously known as gravure artist, gaining her popularity through the tear jerking drama “1 Litre of Tears”. This is not her first time singing because, she released a single as Kaoru Amane entitled “Taiyou no Uta”, when she acted in a drama with the same name. The single became one of the top selling singles in year 2006. Maybe because of this encouragement and training, she decided to debut under her name ERIKA. Not much exposure about the new songs but Japanese now can first preview the song “Fantasy” via hand phone.

Actually the image of ERIKA is somewhere similar to Kaoru Amane, because the guitar is there too, seems like she don’t want to tag as “idol singer” but a more character way. I’m very eager to watch the PV of the song, because she looks kinda sexy in both single cover 😛

Credit: Ikimasshoi

“Kurosagi” becomes film, starring Yamapi

Great news for all the Jdorama and Yamapi fans because his last year hit drama Kurosagi is going to make as film. This is Yamashita Tomohisa’s first movie and he act as the lead character Kurosaki. Maki Horikita and Yui Ichikawa, which appear in the drama will also participating this movie too. Yasuharu Ishii, who directs the recent drama hit “Hana Yori Dango”, will become this movie’s director. This movie is dated to release on Spring year 2008. Otanoshimi Kudasai!

Last year, I watched the drama too. I think this is a very unique drama because, it talks about Yamapi, a cheater who cheats other cheater. I still remember the intro narration when the drama starts “In this world there is three types of cheater: One is Shirosagi (white heron), a guy who cheats money; second is Akasagi (red heron), a woman who use sex appeal to cheat on other; and the final is Kurosagi (black heron), top among other cheater, experts in cheating Shirosagi and Akasagi.” haha..

Film Detail (in Japanese):
2008年 全国東宝系ロードショー

Source: Tokyograph , TBS Kurosagi