Where to get free patterns?

Because of Web 2.0 trend, patterns is kinda gaining back its popularity. But indeed, patterns will really enhance the beauty of a website. Besides to used as web design, patterns also can use as desktop wallpapers! I’m not saying those Windows ugly wallpaper patterns, but here, I compiled a list of 4 websites that provides free and nice patterns.

Squidfingers / Patterns

Some nice collection of pixel patterns here.

K10K Pixel Patterns

A large library of seamless pixel patterns, with a variety of styles to choose from! 😀

Brusheezy Pattern Collection

If you want to get some pre-made Photoshop Patterns, this site is not to be missed.

The Inspiration Gallery

Some unique, floral style of patterns can be found here too.

If you intersted to know how to make a pattern in Illustrator, you can read this article by Bittbox. While in Photoshop, it’s simple too. Just create a graphics that you want to make as pattern, then go to Edit > Define Pattern will do the job. Thanks.

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