Jay-han.com in Safari

So, I downloaded and tested the browser, firstly I think the page loads slower than Firefox, maybe because Apple’s software is resource hungry? i notice the text rendering is also different. Then I try to display my homepage in Safari… and tada… styling has a bit of problem.. the text render as Times News Roman instead of CSS assigned Arial. I quickly amend the CSS and finally fix it. So I took the screenshot of my website in Safari, now looks like usual already, hahah! Nice one.

Another thing, the Safari internal RSS reader is kinda cool too. when click the RSS button, then my RSS page drops down and covers the whole page. I click the button again, it rises up and gone. Animated RSS page transition cool…. and the RSS page styling looks nice too. Below are the screenshots, please have a look thanks! Kinda fall in love with Safari already.

Mainpage screenshot | RSS screenshot

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