My favorite Art & Brand Collaborations

Since the beginning of millennium, the word collaboration is very popular in the industry, particularly collaborations between artists and popular brands. Many big brands start to incorporating arts into their products, normally will come out very surprising outstanding outcomes. Actually these collaboration is a win-win situation, because artists can get more exposure while big brands can reach further more audiences. Below are some collaborations that I would like to share.

Shu by Ai

In constant pursuit of combining art with beauty, Shu Uemura has collaborated with emerging talent Ai Yamaguchi to produce this limited edition collection. Her traditional-yet-modern edge complements Shu Uemura products. The first collaboration is done in 2004 and due to its popularity, they collaborated again next year. Her illustration makes the products more friendly and soothing.

Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami

LV’s monogram is always like this, it’s consistent… but for me, it is quite boring. But Takashi Murakami changed my point of view. From the ordinary color combination, he turn it into a colorful and cheerful monogram. It make the products more alive and appealing. Not just this, he also incorporated other his illustration elements like eye-ball, smiling cherry blossoms, and cherry fruit. The illustrations were well blended with the products, two thumbs up!

Louis Vuitton X Stephen Sprouse

This is a real shocker. Stephen Sprouse or The Punk Glamour God, uses his signature bold text scribbling style to illustrate out the wild monogram. The finish products were impressive and gave a shock to the audience. It was a big hit in the 2001, with a long waiting list from the customers. The success of this collaboration signified that the line between the high and low culture really can be blurred off.

CK1 X Futura, Delta, Espo

Calvin Klein‘s CK1 perfume is a successful product. One day, they commissioned 3 famous street artists to collaborate with CK, they are Futura, Delta and Espo. These three street artists each has their own distinctive style, producing three different approaches as Espo’s was called “Street Noise”, Delta’s was “Future Vision”, and Futura’s “Urban Icon”. The collaboration between street artists and high street brands above had created refreshing ideas to the industry and redefined and questions the limitation of the design boundary.

Smashbox X tokidoki

I’m a fan of tokidoki, his illustration is so attractive to me. His character and illustration style is so cute! He did a lot of collaborations but I choose this. From the conventional Smashbox cosmetic products, he turned it into a playful one. The product not just functional but added value of collecting.

Nike Hooptown X Logan Hicks

When I first saw this, one word crossing my mind “COOOOOL”. The whole Nike Hooptown is presented in stencil graffiti by Logan Hicks. The video for both LeBron James and Vince Carter is all make in graffiti and the animation is presented at surface of wall. I managed to download the video and wallpaper, hopefully still at somewhere in my archives.

Absolut Haring

Last and not least, the Keith Haring’s Absolut Vodka‘s ad poster. I really like Haring‘s illustration, very peaceful and cheerful. The outline figures and those moving lines really cheers me out. His drawing lines is thick, playful and consistent, wonder how he draw it.

Actually there is way a lot more collaborations that been done out there, but here are some notable one by me :P. If you have more interesting one to share, please drop me a comment thanks!

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    I love the Tool videos, they dont need an artist to collaborate with, the Guitarist used to work in special effects in movies, so all the crazy art and animation and clay figures are his design

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