4 sites for your testing needs

Human are always curious to test things out. We test things so that we can improve and be smarter. I found out 4 sites that provides free testing and comparing services that will save your time and to know your websites performance. The testing service varies from browser compatibility check to website readability test, let’s check this out.

Typetester – Compare screen fonts

Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. You can compare 3 fonts at a time, with a variety of options to customize your comparison for example text size, leading, tracking etc. You can test the web-save fonts like Arial and Verdana, it even reads all the fonts installed in your system and you can use them to for testing too.

Browsershots – Browser compatibility test

Browser compatibility is always a big issue in web design, because looking good in one browser does not mean it will perform the same in another. By using Browsershots, it will make your testing task ease because it will make screenshots of the URL you entered in different browsers, in different OS and even different browser settings. But it will take some time to load all the screenshots. You can check each screen’s properties or download all in one pack.

Self SEO – Website speed checker

Use this to test how fast the website you entered loads. I tried a test on this blog and it gives a vary speed from 3 seconds to 6 seconds. The loading time is up to satisfactory because according to this site, it is good if your site finish loads in lesser than 8 seconds.

Juicy Studio – Readability test

Make use of Juicy Studio’s readability test service to check how readable your content is. They can provide a useful indication as to whether you’ve pitched your content at the right level for your intended audience.

I tested this blog too, test result as screenshot shown below. The Gunning Fox Index is 8.98, falls under “Popular Novels” category. While Flesch Reading Ease score is 66.87, it makes it to the recommended 60-70 score range. And the result shows that my blog can be understood by a person who has 5.72 years of schooling age. So, I can assume that my blog is easy to understand for everyone.

Make use of these websites that will make your job easier and guide you to optimize for better performance.

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