Jayhan’s 10 favorite blogs

Today marks the 10th birthday of blogging history & Mashable is asking to list out our 10 favorite blogs. And here is my list:

1. Techcrunch
The premium source of web technologies and news

2. Mashable
Very useful and resourceful Web2.0 website

3. Smashing Magazine
Inspiration, web design, reading, resources is all here. A must bookmark for web designers and developers.

4. Bittbox
Inspiring freebies, useful tricks and tutorial for both beginners and experienced!

5. Veerle’s Blog
Probably the most beautiful blog u ever seen.

6. Design Walker
Great resources and inspiration website.

7. PingMag
Another great design blog, including many fields like illustration, furniture, architecture etc.

8. Subtraction
Another nice blog which utilised grid layout. Very neat and easy to read.

9. Ikimasshoi+
Latest news about J-pop can be found here

10. Tokyograph
Another great site about Japanese entertainment. Music, gossips, dramas everything Japan!

So what is your list?

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