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Packaging is one of the most common example of graphic design in the world. Apart from displaying the important information, the packaging has become an important sales tool. With the use of illustration, color, typography and even various packaging materials, designers can create an attractive image and build a brand identity that is eye-catchy and impactful, yet preserve the contents.

A beautiful and attractive packaging or corporate sign can boost the selling and stands out from the rack of competitors. For example the IZZE beverage packaging shown above, their sales grew 450% per year over the first two years without any TV commercials, print and web advertising. It must be its unique & simplicity of graphic approach together with clear and refreshing typeface that attracts people to buy it.

I still remember when I was in Form 5, the tuition center I attend sells cold drinks. I saw one drink bottle the packaging is very nice. The drink is called Clearly Canadian. I never heard of it, but I purchased the orange flavor. Because the packaging is nice, I keep the bottle after finish drinking it. Now it’s still sitting at my house. Good design becomes collectible item.

Because I’m a Multimedia Designer, I less touching on packaging designs, but I like to observe beautiful designs. Here I listed out some sites which has very nice and creative packaging designs too see, either modern or old school approach.

The main source of packaging design inspiration. According to the webmaster Andrew Gibbs, he started theDieLine because as a packaging designer, he needs resources for research and inspiration. But he found none, so he set this site up dedicated to creative packaging design.

“Product packaging not only secures and protects a product, it is the direct link between the brand and the consumer. It is what determines if a product will be a success or failure. Packaging plays a pivotal role in influencing a consumer’s perception of the brand and product.”

Powerful Packaging Design – The Cool Hunter

A cool collection on creative packaging design. Be sure to check out more goodies by clicking the “Packaging” tag below.


You can find a variety of creative packaging designs in here, from CD packs to metal packaging. A very creative company who aim to be market leaders in the field of creative packaging.

Need more CD packaging design inspiration, then you cannot afford to miss this site. Hard Format is a little place to celebrate the brilliant of music-related design including CD, cassettes and records.

Off The Shelf

A collection of nice and memorable packaging designs that can be found in Japan.

Louise Fili Ltd is a design firm that specialize in packaging design especially food packaging and others.

Rbird research on packaging design patterns

A useful research and resources about package design practices within specific product categories. Just download the PDF documents for reading to get a better understanding on packaging designs in one field.

Vintage Packaging collection on Flickr

Flickr again. This is a collection of old style packaging design. A good reference and knowledge on how the packaging design was executed back in the days.

Dime Store

A collection of vintage dime store packaging.

There is it, a total of 9 great sites to inspire you on nice and creative packaging design. If you find it useful, just bookmark the sites shown above or this post. If you have good packaging reference site just suggest the URL below, then I will put it up. 😀

Credits: FontFeed August Newsletter | Intro text inspired by DesignerMag Issue 2006

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  • Wayne Liew

    I know that packaging will make a big effect. I am a consumer and I always automatically go for food or junk food with nice designs, even though they are not trendy products.

  • Rachel Goldstein

    This is a great list of sites for inspiration. I just wrote an article that lists 180+ resources online for design inspiration and I found your article so helpful that I added your link to the article.


  • jayhan

    thanks for the linking Rachel! That’s a great article you had 😀

  • chocominty

    You are so inasanely smart and resourceful its making me want to shed tears of joy and awe.
    Well i mean great post

  • jayhan

    thanks chocominty 😀

  • cima

    hye there jay-han
    interesting sources! thanks for sharing.u really made my day~

  • jayhan

    you are welcome, cima.

  • K2

    hey guys, do you know that you can hardly find a good brand packaging designer in Malaysia?

  • jayhan

    Hmm, I don’t know about this because a great packaging design need efforts and time to design/develop until the final result. Indeed many packaging in Malaysia won’t give many impression but I can see some is quite good.

  • vivian

    Thank you for sharing this. It helps me a lot… Thanks!!!!

  • jayhan

    You are welcome Vivian, and thanks Smashing Magazine for linking my site! 😀

  • vivian

    Love your website! You are awesome!

  • jayhan

    Thanks again Vivian 🙂

  • Nancy Odell

    Hey!…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Thursday .

  • Jaden

    Hi there, you must have missed Packagings of the world

  • vannie

    hmmm…not what i expected..but nice!!!

  • Candice

    Can anyone advise where I can look for fragrance packaging inspiration sites?

  • admin

    Hi Candice, maybe you can find it through or

  • Marco is also a great reference for packaging design

  • Святослав Конев

    Даа… Пока это у нас не очень сильно развито, так что придётся чуть подождать.

  • zat

    hey there. I like your blog very clean and fresh looking.
    I am not a design student or work in the related field but I love design especially on packaging. But I prefer packaging with cool and engaging Fonts. I’ve seen some cool chocolate packaging using just font and some retro pattern. There are so cool!
    I’m starting a blog listing the things I like on the internet and I hope you can visit me.
    I’m looking forward to your updates.

  • zat

    I too observed that most packaging design in Malaysia used too much people on their packaging/wrappers. I hope they can use more graphics and typography in their design. Afterall, we want to buy the product, not the model…

  • eugene sell home


    I wanted to let you know that I have been following for a while and I would like to sign up for the feed. I’ll give it a try but I will need some help. This is a terrific find and I would hate to lose contact, and maybe never find it again.

    Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to reading again sometime!

  • Panchani Mendis

    Hi, I am a package design student from University of Moratuwa, SriLanka and your website inspire me so much. And these days I am doing a research on package designs of the products which does not go for advertising. And this strong packages prove that it is working as silent sales man. Beer advertising is prohibited in Srilanka and my research is on the effectiveness of beer packages.
    Thanks for adding these websites.

  • jayhan

    Hi Panchani, thank you very much! Glad that you find the article is useful.

  • Ben


    i have seen the sense of ur choice of artwork….

    i would like to request u to do a packaging design for my company….

    please contact me asap