I like Computer Arts magazine

As what title said, I Like Computer Arts! For the pass few months I had been buying several design magazines to get more readings and inspiration apart from the web research, such as Computer Arts (RM42), Practical Web Design (RM29.90) and Web Designer Mag (RM46.90). I had gone through these three books and all of them are nice to read, but I think Computer Arts appeals more.

Well is kinda unfair to compare in such a way because these three mag has their own function and target area. I like Computer Arts because it is more round up, I can get to see creative people’s showcase… inspiring tutorial and the Free CD content is rich too! I am here are not promoting this book but it is really nice to read with great content.

I think I will continue to buy the CA’s future issues. This does not mean that I will stop buying the other two, if there’s chance to meet them in the bookshelfs because, all these mags are hard to find thou in Malaysia… but you can find it in MPH, My-News and Popular bookstores if you ask where i get those.

Computer Arts mag, definitely a great resource and inspiration magazine that worth every penny.

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