Cute Japanese font for download

To be honest, Asian language fonts that is free are really hard to find, especially Japanese fonts. There are many Japanese fonts that can be type with English input but not the real actual Japanese input fonts. Plus, the system installed Japanese typefaces are so damn boring and too formal. But today I found a cute Japanese font free for download šŸ˜€ !

The font name is call “KFHimaji”. This font is multi-talented, because you can type alphabets, punctuation, Hiragana, Katakana and even Kanji and many more. The font example is shown below. The font was roundish, cute and happy. This is really one rare free font. So what are you waiting for? Just go to this page and download the cute font! [Direct Font Link] šŸ˜€

In order to use this font, assuming you are using Windows XP, you need to have Asian text languages and input text installed into your machine. Then you can go to Control Panel and double click Regional and Language Options. Then click the Languages tab and click the Details button. In the Settings panel, click Add, then find and select the Japanese Input Languages and click “Ok”. Now, Japanese input is in your input panel. Now, you can type Japanese characters in MS Words, Photoshop etc by selecting the “JP” at the Language Toolbar.

More Japanese fonts goodies

Hunger for more custom Japanese fonts? Just go to where the webmaster had compiled a list of whopping 46 free Japanese fonts that able to display Kanji characters for download! One setback is some fonts listed there required you to register thou.

From here I want to introduce you other sites that provide English alphabet input fancy Japanese fonts. First up the Maniackers Design Font. Talented Japanese designers had joined their effort to design and produce some nice and usable fonts for download.

GAU+ also have a nice collection of nice Japanese font for both cute and techno style.

You can download some nice and creative fonts at here too! Hosted by Kotaroh Hataro from Gray Graphics. Just click on those small squares!

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  • http://shelly EMO

    Do you have any idea where can i download nice chinese fonts for free?

    Its urgent

  • meidy

    first of all , thanks for the links. Do they work in vista? because I installed the kfhimaji font but it won’t show up. I installed the japanese input already but nothing happened. can you help me? šŸ™

  • admin

    Hi meidy, because I’m still using Windows XP so I don’t know how to help you. Maybe you try to google on it?

  • Hiromi

    Erm.. I downloaded this but.. Where can this font show up?? I typed Japanese into Microsoft Word/ Powerpoint, and tried to adjust the font. How do I do it???


    Hey… I’ve already downloaded the KFhimaji but the font doesn’t show in the list of Fonts in MSword or Ppt.. Please help.. Thanks.


    Hey.. I’ve already downloaded the KFhimaji file and extracted them from the zip folder. However it does not show in the list of Fonts in MSWord or ppt. Please help thanks.

  • goth

    Limitations reside only in our minds. But if we use our creativeness, our choices become endless

  • Shii-Chan

    I have a question, because I really wanna use this font >_<“” Is it free-period, or is it free for personal use only?

    Thank you for the help~

    – Shii-Chan

  • admin

    Hi Shii-Chan, you can use it for personal and non commercial. You can use it for commercial as well for example poster or brochure etc, but if use for logo/identity design, you might need to contact the font designer.

  • CSX

    hi! is there anyway to use it on a window 7?

    • jayhan

      @CSX: Yes, I think it can be installed on Win7 system.

  • fey

    do you have it for MAC?

  • jayhan

    Hi fey, it’s an Open Type font, so by right it should support MAC too.

  • C

    I’m using vista (32-bit operating system) and when I installed it and tried it out, it came out in English. How can I fix this?

    • jayhan

      Hi C, please change your keyboard input to Japanese in order to type the characters.

  • Osu

    Hello, when I opened the control panel and followed your instructions about adding Japanese Language to my computer, I saw none. Will the font not work?

  • chelsea

    thank you for this article~! God bless~ ^^ <3