Dondake & MTV Student Voice Awards 2007

Recently 2007 MTV Student Voice Awards is held in Japan. This award is something like Teen Choice awards where the awards are choose by Japanese students. This is the first time I heard about this award. From the winning list, Micro of Def Tech was crowning the Best Artist award while Oguri Shun won the Best Actor award. Lets take a look on who won the other awards.

Award List

Artists/Music Categories

  • Best Artist: Micro of Def Tech
  • Best Group: W-inds.
  • Best Dance Artist: EXILE
  • Best Party Song: “Girlfriend,” Avril Lavigne
  • Best Ringtone: “Lovin’ Life,” FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
  • Best Lyrics: “Ketsui no Asa ni,” Aqua Timez
  • Best Karaoke: “CHE.R.RY,” YUI

Trends Categories

  • Best Actor: Oguri Shun
  • Best Actress: Inoue Mao
  • Best Fashionista: Miho Tanaka
  • Best Movie: “Shrek 3”
  • Best Athlete: Koki Kameda
  • Best Comedian: Takeshi Nadagi
  • Best Game: “Winning Eleven 10”
  • Best Father/Mother: George Takahashi & Mika Mifune
  • Best Comic: “NANA”
  • Best Trend: “Dondake~”
  • Best Summer Girl: Aki Hoshino
  • Respect Award: Namie Amuro

Congratulations to all the winners. I am quite surprise that W-inds. won the best group award because they are less active in this year actually, and Keita is going for solo project. But I’m happy for it as I’m a fan of W-inds. too. They are my top idols back in high school. By the way, Lovin Life by Funky Monkey Babys is a great song, two thumbs up!

Dondake trend

Another thing worth mentioning is the Best Trend Award which Dondake wons it. Dondake is not a person but a slang that is very popular nowadays. It is being said in every youngsters in Japan. I heard a lot of this term too in Japanese Drama particularly Proposal Daisakusen and Papa to Musume to Nanokakan shown below. The scene is the father (actually is daughter) was gardening and because he is too old and he couldn’t cut the leafs and said “Dondake??”


Dondake has no specific meaning but refering to general expressions like “WTF??” I did some research and found that this slang is actually popularize by a variety show called Lincoln hosted by IKKO. According to Kilian Nakamura’s blog, Dondake originated in Shibuya among the gyaru girls a couple of years ago. It’s a play on the superlative doredake, which basically means the same thing. This year, dondake is all over the place thanks to Ikko, who also uses a buzzer on the show that blasts a loud “Dondake?!” so she doesn’t have to.

There’s a clip in TVinJapan showing how the Dondake buzzer is being use. I watched that and it was hilarious. Dondake, you definitely deserves the Best Trend award!

Credits: Tokyograph | MTVJapan

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