My J-pop Heroes

My J-pop Heroes

Well, I was rarely to share my own story in this blog, eventhough this blog is mine. But today is an odd day, i’m going to talk about my Japanese Pop heroes. These artists brought me to the world of Japanese Pop music and since then, got addicted and never turn back. They influenced and played a big role in my life, and the artists are SPEED, Ayumi Hamasaki and W-inds.


SPEED is the first Japan music group I know and can be say that is SPEED that introduced me to the Japanese pop music. I bumped into them in year 1999 when watching an Asian MTV related music show. Actually is a little late to know them, but during that time, Japan influence started to blow in Malaysia. The show was showing “White Love”, probably their most popular song. The first thing that floated in my mind is that they are so pretty in there, and the song was great too. Since this, I start to listen to their music and they become my idol.

Among the four members, I like Takako Uehara the most. Well, a year later they decided to split and I was a little sad that time. I bought their graduation album CD “Carry On My Way” which is the first ever CD I bought. After SPEED disbanded, three of the members are going solo and one continue for studies. But none of them are become popular as compared to SPEED era. I wonder what they are doing now.

Ayumi Hamasaki

After SPEED disbanded, I found Ayumi Hamasaki. During that time, she already quite popular in Japan so in Malaysia, I can read some news about her. The first song I listened was “SEASONS”. The song was so nice and immediately she became my second idol. In my high school days, I always listen to her songs, buy her new album CD and so on. I spent quite some money on her CDs (although is not really that much). But since I was exposed to the MP3 thing, I start to collect her music in digital format instead.

Her songs are marvellous, although now I start to decline in listening her songs recently. Plus, her current music was least nice than her older day songs. But, in the end I still praise her as my idol and respect her hardwork and contribution to the J-pop scene. Recently, there is a news said that to celebrate the tenth year debuted as singer, Ayumi will release a complete single best album in mid September. This is a great news for fans including me. I will definitely purchase this best album when it is available.


W-inds. can consider as my high school heroes. W-inds. consists of three male teenagers and have a very youthful and clean image. Well this has to thank a local radio show that aired their song. When I first listen to their song “Feel the Fate”, I was stunned: the song is very nice and their voice is like girls voice! Besides that, they also dance really well which make me also start to learn how they dance through their song’s PV.

I can say that W-inds. songs are well fitted into my high school music taste, as well as life style. The songs, the shirts they wear, the dance move.. everything just cool. Actually one funny thing about them is when first debut, three of them was almost same height. But after that, the lead singer Keita suddenly grew so tall, almost half a head taller than the other two member. So I can see their pictures, Keita’s posing was adjusted in order not to look too tall.

My J-pop Heroes

End note
When writing this, I feel so nostalgic! What a nice memory of my early J-pop era. Although now I’m not like them as much as before, but never a doubt SPEED, Ayumi and W-inds. is my J-pop Heroes! About the radio show I mentioned earlier, is called “Simon san no Rakuen” of FM98.8. I rely on this show a lot when the Internet is not that convenient as today. So big thanks to the host too. The show is still going until today and I will seldom tune in too.

I wrote too much. And I want to ask fellow J-pop fans, who is your J-pop heroes?

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