Use good hosting and Archive your stuff!

The first time using WordPress to blog, I’m so excited and almost everyday I post new entry. But after two weeks of happy blogging, earthquake struck.. My hosting [which is free] down, and my posts gone.. I stoned out there after seeing this… I know is my fault for using free hosting, so I can’t blame anyone but myself.. It was a bitter experience for me.

So, I immediately switch my hosting to ServerFreak Linux Hosting. Luckily I still save my pictures and changes in my computer here, so I quickly reinstall my current theme and finally, it starts working again. Huuray! Plus, ServerFreak is fast, I can upload files quicker, thanks! But still sad that my previous posts are all gone, and I have to redo it once more.. well this really teach me lessons that we shall backup our web content as well!

So, two things I learn after this incident. Hopefully I will be smarter next time!

Happy Blogging!

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