Happy 23rd birthday to me

Happy 23rd Birthday to me

Yes, now I am a 23 years old boy. I was suppose to write this yesterday but I was too hesitate and shy but finally I wrote this out, but edited the post time stamp. So Happy Birthday to me! O-tanjoubi omedetou! šŸ˜€

My birthday celebration is rather simple, no cakes no presents, just having a dinner with family, thats it. Maybe this suited my personality because I am a shy and quiet person and doesn’t like to make things big and complicated. I just love simplicity. Well, a few of my old friends also greeted me through text messaging, here I want to say thank you very much.

Actually the biggest gift for myself is actually visitors who visit and comment in my blog. I started up this blog back in June just because I want to communicate to people and contribute my knowledge as well as learning through blogging. When some one reading my blog and posted a comment like “Thank you very much!” or “Thanks for sharing” and so on, I felt very happy and relieved, that’s the power to make me continue writing more stuff. I’m truely appreciate that :D.

I am a quiet person, all the people who knows me knew that. But I want to break that and be a better speaker. This will be my biggest wish for my birthday this year. My first effort was attending the All Malaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) which held last week in Starbucks, The Gardens. I was quite cool there but still able to have a conversation with few other bloggers like Danny Foo, Goldfries, Cyrus2k, Jason Phoon, Andy, Chuan, Bernsy, Mona, Jeff Lim, Peter Tan, Michael Woo, Louiss, Menj, Jehan and some other guys. Nice meeting you šŸ˜€

Hope 2008 will be a great year for me, because Michael Jordan is wearing jersey no. 23, so now I felt I’m “God-like”, hahaha. Kidding. Below are some pictures I found on Flickr and wish to share with you.

Happy 23rd Birthday to me

Happy 23rd Birthday to me

post picture header credit: hntk.org

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