1st anniversary and 5 things about me

1st anniversary and 5 things about me

Time running fast, with a split of time I already been into blogging for one year! I started to blog one year ago just because I wanted to try it (because everyone is blogging!) but immediately got addicted to it. However, I never knew I can have such determination to continue blogging but obviously the supports from visitors and readers. Thanks everyone :D.

Blogging is really cool and benefiting. I get to know new people, discover new stuff and knowledge and able to express my idea. Some weeks ago, Renee Chung tagged me. Sorry for dragging so long, but since is 1st anniversary and recently my blog was Stumbled (thanks!), I think now is the good time to talk about five things about me.

“Man with less words”

No I’m not Gordon Freeman, but I don’t usually talk much. Everyone who know me will have a impression of me that I’m a super quiet person. I’m not good in getting around with people I don’t know much, but if become my good friend, I might talk a little bit more.

Computer Life

Thanks to my job nature, I spent half of my life in front of computer. At work, in front of computer. At home, in front of computer. I can do many things with it like blogging, research, finding stuff, play games… However, I’m not interested in social networking. I did have one or two account but I just lazy to take care of it. And I don’t usually open my Instant Messaging too. But now I kind of realize that computer life is a bit tiring too..

Escape from Shopping Mall

Seriously I don’t like to go shopping malls. It does not appear interesting to me. Well maybe is because I am alone all the time. When in shopping mall, I see everyone is in pairs and it hurts me. Damn. However there is exception too. The shopping mall I like is Suria KLCC because it has a huge bookstore call Kinokuniya. You can find me spent most of my time in bookstore or lurking CD stores when in mall.

Besides J-pop

My main music genre is going to be Japanese Pop music, but I also listen to other genre as well like Trance and Classical music. Basically music plays important role in my life. But it would be really good if I can play one or two instruments too. When small I learn piano then violin, but unfortunately I stopped. I am totally regret now until the rest of my life. If there is a chance to correct things of my past, I will definitely choose to continue play violin.

Your sparkling pair of eyes

LOL at the title. Actually I have a phobia since small and that is I scared to look to the people’s eye I’m talking to. I’m either looking left,right or down (never up!) and this applies to male and female. I know it’s quite disrespect but I’m trying to overcome it every time. Well now I think I improved.

Well this is it, 5 stuff about me. I think this pretty much sums up my personality. Hope you enjoy reading it. šŸ˜€

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