jQuery plugins libraries – 2013 edition

jQuery plugins libraries - 2013 edition

Last year, I introduced a couple of jQuery plugins website libraries that you should visit, today I would like to make an update to that post. Here, I will show you some other libraries that you can use when looking for great jQuery plugins that will save your development time.

The jQuery Plugin Registry

This is the official jQuery Plugins repository from the maker of jQuery. Although it’s just launched not long ago, but there are already close to 1000 registered plugins. With it’s user friendly interface and also connecting to respective Github repositories, you can easily navigate and check whether the plugins are recently updated or not.

The jQuery Plugin Registry


I stumbled upon this site just recently. Unheap features a sleek and compact interface that allows users to quickly glance through a sea of plugins available. The detailed categorization helps to quickly search for the kind of plugins you are looking for.


Handpicked jQuery Plugins

As mentioned in the title, the plugins featured in this site are carefully selected. Although the interface are not so user-friendly, but you will only find good quality plugins here. Thanks to the owner who helps us filter out the bad one so we don’t have to.

Handpicked jQuery Library

Basically above are the sites that I want to introduce today. Hope that you will find this post useful! For users who wants to know the previous showcased libraries, here is the quick list.

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