4 jQuery plugins libraries you should visit today

4 jQuery plugins galleries that you should visit

If you are looking for jQuery slideshow plugins for your next project, the official jQuery Plugins library is the destination to look for the plugin. Unfortunately, at this time of writing this post, the plugins page is under development. So, where you should go to look for your slideshow plugin?

Luckily, there are several other plugins libraries that you can rely on. Here I will introduce 4 jQuery plugins libraries that you should visit today, while waiting for the overhauled Plugins page to be up in future time. Please continue reading to check them out!

jQuery This

This is a new plugin library that I stumbled upon. Currently it has a small nice selections of plugins presented in a nice design.

jQuery This

The Ultimate jQuery List

As recommended by jQuery, this alternative plugin library has 593 items, with nice and detailed categorization.

The Ultimate jQuery List

CodeVisually – jQuery category

In here, you will also able to find a handful of useful and latest plugins on the market. This site currently listed roughly 100+ plugins.

CodeVisually - jQuery category

jQuery Clip

Lastly, this nifty plugins library which was written in Japanese, and it lists various plugins in 5 columns format, provided with categorization.

jQuery Clip

End Word
This is it, above are the 4 jQuery plugins galleries that you can use to search and refer to the latest plugins. Well, I hope you find this post useful! And as usual, if you have any other recommendation, please do inform me with comment form below.

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