5 things I like about UNIQLO

5 things I like about UNIQLO

UNIQLO is a casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer originate from Japan and they are really popular and even have branches in many major cities in the world. I really like UNIQLO because of its unique identity and characteristics. When I was in Japan last year, I grab my opportunity and shopped in one of the branches in Tokyo.

But what I like is not just the lovely clothes. I also admire UNIQLO in different aspects, from branding to campaign. Here I listed down the 5 things I like about UNIQLO.

1. Brand Identity

UNIQLO Brand Identity

The first thing is UNIQLO’s brand identity. It’s clean, simple, straight forward and strong. By using a square box with UNI on top and QLO at bottom, it looks like a name seal (hanko). Besides, the logo can be seen on any medium like the shopping bag, recruit poster to the coming soon identity and still plays well.

The identity was designed by a renown creative director Kashiwa Sato. From the interview with IdN magazine in Visual Identity Issue, he says that: I try to create a very strong concept based on the belief that it will stay strong when applied to any medium. Well said Mr. Kashiwa Sato. You can go to his portfolio to check out more visuals on the UNIQLO’s Brand Identity.

2. Attractive Twitter Campaign

Ultra Light Tweet

UNIQLO is very excellent in creating attractive Twitter campaign. Many of the campaigns was just need users to key in their Twitter ID or interested keywords and UNIQLO will do the visualization in a fun and engaging way, while in the meantime, promoting their latest products. Some notable Twitter campaign like below:

3. UTGP and UT


Designers might know that UNIQLO is holding annual T-Shirt design competition with a specific theme. Every people in the world are eligible for participation and the prizes are attractive too. This is really a great way to get social and connect with people from around the world. And the winners’ design will be made into production and sell it at stores. I did participate for few times but didn’t have the luck.

Besides, I also love UNIQLO’s t-shirts, or UT. The design is nice and has huge varieties of themes to choose from. The price is affordable too. On the neck label of the t-shirt I bought, it has an interesting philosophy: A t-shirt is more than just a t-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love. That’s the UT philosophy.


4. Style


I’m absolutely loving the styles of UNIQLO apparels. In my opinion, the apparels are simple, comfortable and down to earth. You don’t see over exaggerated designs or very glamorous hard promotional photos, but a very friendly and down to earth approach.

5. Opening soon in KL!

From Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur

I remember about two years ago, I wrote an article about “3 things in Japan that I wish to have in my country“, I listed UNIQLO as one of the things that I wish to have in my homeland which is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Unbelievably, it actually going to happen soon! UNIQLO will open first retail shop in KL Malaysia in 4th November 2010. I’m so excited and my wish really comes true!

One last paragraph
I’m truly respect UNIQLO as a brand that continue innovating and always standing out from the crowd. Even with the economic crisis, UNIQLO is still doing great in Japan and eventually they are the leading clothing retail chain in terms of both sales and profits, according to Wikipedia. With such success story, it teaches us that we must continue to create something new and innovate no matter in what kind of situation, and the effort will turn to gold.

Picture credit: reneemudd

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