4 sites for your flyer design inspiration fix

Flyer at abstract.jp

Today I stumbled upon a gallery that is dedicated to flyer designs: Today’s Flyer (今日のフライヤー). It has a Pinterest-like layout where you can see many good flyer designs in masonry grid layout format. The site features not only flyers from Japan but also around the world too. The flyers are tagged so you can quickly find flyer designs of the specific style.

According to the creator, @tet, he thinks that flyer designs should be treated as a work of art that reflects the society’s style of living and also the cultures, but surprisingly it was often taken for granted and normally will be just thrown to trash can. So he created this site in order to appreciate the flyer designs and to leave them as memory.

Examples of flyers featured on Abstract.jp

Besides his sites, there are many other websites and portals that you can look for cool and inspiring flyer designs, like below:

Japanese Graphic Design

Curated by Gurafiku, this is a resourceful Pinterest Board, not only you can find good flyer designs from Japan, but also other form of graphic designs especially posters, book covers and more.

Gurafiku Board on Pinterest

Designspiration’s Flyer

Here you can find outstanding flyer designs from around the world that served different purposes, notably for parties, exhibitions, art shows and more.

Entries tagged "flyer" on Designspiration

Brochure Flyer Inspiration

Another Pinterest board managed by Nium Nium Jaa focusing on good designs of flyers and brochures.

Brochure Flyer Inspiration Pinterest Board

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