Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo

Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo

Recently I stumbled upon a really cute and unique song on Youtube when I’m listening to my favourite channel Majestic Casuals. The song name is called “Flamingo” and is from a music group from UK called Kero Kero Bonito.

As you might have known, flamingos are pink in color. So this singer is questioning why are they pink? Maybe because of the shrimps which was flamingo’s main source of food? So if human eat more shrimps, could the human eventually change their skin color to pink as well? The lyrics was quite wacky and was sang in both English and Japanese. Read more to listen to the song and also the lyrics.

Personally I really like this song and it’s really suitable to be sang in Japanese as part of the lyrics because, Japan is famous for pink color! And even though I’m a guy and I admit that I like pink color as well and my iPhone 5C is in pink too!

The lyrics are really interesting and here I tried to write down the song’s lyrics based on what I heard, so this is not the official lyrics but I hope it’s as close as the song.

The lyrics

How many shrimps do you have to eat,
before you make your skin turn pink?
Eat too much and you’ll get sick,
shrimps are pretty rich.

nan de aitsura wa pinku?
Why are they pink?

doubutsu-en de omotta pinku
I thought of that pink in zoo

食べ物で そうなんだ
tabemonode sounanda
It’s the food That’s right!

jitsuwa watashi wa tarako ga daisuki
Actually I like tarako

purasu ebi kani tabeyou
Let’s eat it with shrimps and crab

pinku iro ni naru no?
Will I change to pink color?

dakara minna chigau iro
Therefore we all different in colour

ningen-tte kanchigai shiteruyone
Human is misunderstanding

Black, white, green or blue
show off your natural hue
Flamingo oh oh oh oh
If you multicolour that’s cool too
You don’t need to change
It’s boring being the same
Flamingo oh oh oh oh
You’re pretty either way.

鶴の尻尾下に向かって曲げたら Flamingo
tsuru no shippo shita ni mukatte magetara Flamingo
If the crane’s tail bends downward, and that would be a Flamingo

意味不明だけど 面白いでしょ
imi fumei dake do omoishiroidesho
It’s ambiguous but interesting right?

nijiiro ni somatta sekai
In the world dyed in rainbow color

kyoumo chikyuu no dokoka de
In today too, somewhere on the earth

ebi wo musha musha tabete
Flamingos are munching shrimps

Flamingoはピンク色に染まっていくぜ one two three!
Flamingo wa pinku iro ni somatte ikuze one two three!
Lets dye in pink color fellow flamingos! One two three!

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