More cute emoticons with

More cute emoticons with

Back in the year 2007, I posted an article “Japanese kaoani and emoticon” on where you can look for cute Japanese style emoticons. It’s almost 7 years ago and is such a relieve that the site is still active! Today, I’m going to introduce to you another site that you can find many cute emoticons!

This website is called JapaneseEmoticons. You can find all sorts of examples like emotions, animals and many other unique and more modern one. Well you can browse through all of the emoticons and copy paste the emoticons you like!

example of bear emoticons

Picture above is showing the cute bear emoticons. Emoticons are best use with communication tools and chat apps on desktop and mobile. JapaneseEmoticon also released a nifty mobile app, currently only on the Apple Appstore where you can download and use it directly on your phone! How useful!

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