Beautiful artworks of Ryotake Masa

Beautiful artworks of Ryotake Masa

Today I want to show you the beautiful illustration works by a Japanese illustrator Ryotake Masa (武政 諒). Born 1981, and graduated from art school and university, he became a freelance illustrator since year 2010. He often get commissioned to create illustrations for books, advertising, and magazines.

What I like about his style is the use of subtle texture to bring life to the illustration that normally depicted with solid colors. The lines are very clearly defined, pairing up with contrasting colors to produce the unique ambiguous artwork. Besides that, I also like the way he illustrates the everyday object in flatty style but yet remained identical. Continue read on to check out some of his works.

Ryotake Masa : On the Tube

Ryotake Masa : Snowy Field

Ryotake Masa : TOKYO #003 - Kanda River

Ryotake Masa : Grasshopper

Ryotake Masa : NAGANO #002 - Tateshina Highlands

To see more about his works, please go to his homepage to view his illustrations and also commissioned works. And you can actually buy his prints on Etsy too.

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