Know more about Japan with Youtube videos

Know more about Japan with Youtube videos

Well, if you want to learn more about other culture, one obvious way is to travel to that country and experience yourself. But sometimes, you want to know more about it, you will have to read books, watch videos and more. For country like Japan which has rich in culture and diversity, every traveler will gain different experiences in Japan! In this article, I will show you a couple of interesting videos and playlists that talks about Japan.

With these videos, I’m pretty sure that you will learn new things, culture, practices and interesting facts about Japan! I get a lot of surprises when viewing some of them. Japan is really a wonderful country and definitely would like to go again! Without further elaborating, read on to check out the videos!

Japan actually is such a country!

This video is in Japanese from Japan news agency and it talks about the foreigners travelling to Japan without travel guide and go experience the real Japan! Interesting!

Amazing Japan that surprised the world

Ok, this is another Japanese narrated video that talks about shocking discoveries in Japan that surprises the Saudi Arabian. What a culture shock for him and actually shows the beauty of Japan.

Japan from foreigners’ point of view 1

This is also an interesting video about foreign travellers’ point of view about Japan. Again this video is in Japanese. Click here to view the second episode.

Culture Japan by Danny Choo (playlist)

Culture Japan is a series of television program hosted by ultimate famous anime blogger/culture pusher. In this series, you can learn more about interesting things about Japan anime scene and also interesting facts that were hardly found elsewhere.

Lost in Tokyo

An interesting video from Mark Bramley that he took when in Tokyo about 2 days.

Tokyo Slo-mode

Another interesting video showing the scenes of Japan in slow motion.


A different travel documentary of traveler couple that first travel to Japan.

Tokyo, Japan – Travel Attractions (playlist)

In this playlist, you will find interesting information and you can use to plan your next travel to Japan!

A Life in Japan – Documentary

This is a 1 hour plus video, documenting the foreigners who live in Japan, sharing their findings and experiences.

Living in Japan (playlist)

This is a series of videos showing the different bits of Japan narrated in simple to understand and very useful!

[Bonus] Weird $#it from Japan

This is a hilarious web series, showcasing the Japan in a funny way. The host of the show, Jukka Hilden is really funny! Enjoy!

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