Learning Web Development without W3Schools

Learning Web Development without W3Schools

When comes to learning and referring about web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript et cetera, normally we would find ourselves entering W3Schools website. At first glance, it’s a great site for learning, however there are many concerns about the reliability and credibility of the website content. W3fools, clearly addresses the problems of W3Schools.

So, if W3Schools posses so much false information and is not recommended by the web professionals, then what should we use instead? In this article we will dive into the alternative website which is better maintained, more open and recognized by the experts. And also a better and more social way of learning HTML and CSS.

Better Documentation

To refer to the specifications of HTML, CSS and other web technologies, below are some really good site to go. Web Platform is one documentation site that was backed up many huge Internet giant including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more. Other recommended choices are Mozilla Developer Network and Sitepoint Reference.

Web Platform

Better experience in code learning in browser

One feature in W3Schools is that you can read and also learn to code with the online code editor provided. Well the editor is pretty old and lack of features. Below are some much better online code editors that you can use for learning. Codecademy has tonnes of lessons that you can learn and track your progress too. You can also save your code online and share with others by using Codepen and also JSFiddle.


Better cross browser documentation

Another small feature in W3Schools is that it gives you the brief idea of a certain HTML and CSS property’s compatibility in different major browsers, which is not really useful and can be misleading. Can I Use is a much better reference site for the cross browser compatibility comparison. Not only user friendly, it also shows you the links to tutorial, guides and polyfill resources as well. Besides that, HTML5Please is another good one.

Can I Use

Better Learning Site

There are many other free resources that teaches you the tricks and fundamentals of web development. Please refer to my previous post here where I listed down some recommended sites. And for even better learning experience, you can fork a little money out and subscribe to premium learning resources like Code School, Treehouse or Tuts Premium. The subscription fee are really affordable and you can learn tonnes of stuff in an entertaining way.

Team Treehouse

Well, basically this is it. Hope you find it useful and learn the right way!

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