The many photos of Mount Fuji

The many photos of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji… what a beautiful mountain. Located on the Honshu island, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan at 3776 meter height. It’s very well-known iconic symbol for Japan, and often featured in paintings and photographs. In this post, I’m going to share with you really nice photos of Mount Fuji from various photographers.

I was lucky to see Mount Fuji with my own eye on a clear day when I was in Japan three years ago. The shape of the mountain is extremely symmetrical and harmony. I wish to climb the mountain one day and also taste the famous black egg at Owakudani which is near Mount Fuji. Continue reading to check out the photos!

FH030003 | Michio Endo

Mout Fuji | P-zilla

FUJI!!! | ryo522

With the goddess | Takechan-400

framing mtfuji | mrt0o

Mount Fuji | iamDim

Mount Fuji | Toshitaka Mori/Sebun Photo

Breath Taking Scenes Of Mount Fuji. Japan by gastoul

Japan | jasmine8559

Mount Fuji | George Yojima

another side of Mount Fuji | Wirote Lertjittham

Mount Fuji | George Yojima

Mount Fuji | QuChen

あけましておめでとうございます_Mount. Fuji in rose pink | Midorisyu

Mount Fuji (Again) | By FoNgEtZ

Cherry blossoms (Mt.Fuji) | peaceful-jp-scenery

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