5 Cute Japanese fonts that you can download for free

5 Cute Japanese fonts that you can download for free

Ever fancy of using Japanese fonts that are cute and unique? Today, I’m going to introduce 5 new Japanese fonts that you can download for free and use it right away!

Kodomo Maru Gothic (こども丸ゴシック)

This font give a sense of the naive handwriting style by the small kids. It has the standard Hiragana, Katakana, Numerals and Kanji that students learn during early primary school years.

Download OTF (personal and commercial use).

Kodomo Maru Gothic

Hui Font

Hui Font is a casual handwriting font, contains both kana, kanji, numerals and romaji characters. View the character sample here.

Download TTF (personal and commercial use)

Hui Font


Nikukyu is a playful and fun font to use. It supports many characters, from Romaji to Kanas and even Russian characters. However kanji not included.

Download TTF (personal and non-commercial use)


Mart Futomaru Shadow (まーと太丸シャドウ)

This fat, outlined with shadow font supports both Kana characters, as well as numbers and punctuations. Great for display use!

Download – MAC (TTF) | PC (TTF) (personal use only)

Mart Futomaru Shadow

Seto Font (瀬戸フォント)

This is a handwriting style font that you can use to create cute and cheerful designs. It supports wide range of characters, which you can check them out here.

Download TTF (personal and commercial use)

Seto Font


Can’t get enough? You can look for more cute fonts at Free Japanese Fonts!

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  • http://tomotomosnippet.blogspot.jp/ tomotomo

    Thanks for loving Japan.

    It is also pretty cute below:

    • Jayhan

      Hi, thanks for introducing mikachan, indeed it is a cute font! Arigatou!

  • kayla

    i’ve been wondering, can i use these photos when customizing websites with css? i mean, will they show up?

  • Jayhan Sim

    @kayla, what photos? Of course if you link them properly in your css, they will show up.

  • pschreck

    When I install the Seto Font and open it in a PC word processor the characters are all ABCs not Japanese. Did I do something to install it incorrectly?

    • Jayhan Sim

      Hi pscheck, you need to change your keyboard input to Japanese input in order to type in Japanese.

  • kayla

    sorry typo -_- . i meant to say fonts. are these fonts compatible for html. like tumblr for example?

    • Jayhan Sim

      @kayla, sadly no.

  • Marjorie Adams

    Sorry, may I ask what the name of the font is that you used in the title box, “5 Japanese Fonts Free For Download.” ?? I love the fonts by the way x

    • Jayhan Sim

      Hi Marjorie, that is Droid Sans!

  • Dave O

    Hi. I was wondering if you would know how to type a long vowel in Romaji using the line above the vowel rather than adding a second vowel.
    Thanks for the fonts! 🙂

    • http://www.marnen.org/ Marnen Laibow-Koser

      That depends on your OS and keyboard layout.