Beautiful Artworks of Kumaori Jun

Beautiful Artworks of Kumaori Jun

Today, let’s explore into the beautiful artworks of the talented Kumaori Jun, a 23 years old young illustrator from Kyoto, Japan. I recently stumbled to his artworks, and immediately falling in love with his drawing style and the mood his works portray.

Jun’s works often feature a very down-to-earth mixtures of color tone, not brightly cheerful, rich in small details of colors and strokes, and moody. His works normally depict the everyday street scene and also surreal environment as well. There is a little girl in school uniform that often appeared in many of his works too. Actually, I don’t really know whether he is a male or female, but it doesn’t really matter.

Below are some sample of his beautiful works and hope you like his works as well. To view more of this work, please check out his personal homepage or going to his Pixiv page.


All the pictures here belongs to Kumaori Jun. Picture header link – 幻我

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