mini-wakuwaku – a free cute Japanese font

mini-wakuwaku - a cute free Japanese font

It’s been a while since I posted Japanese related font. But with the help of the social network, I stumbled upon this really cute Japanese font called “mini-wakuwaku”. The font style is rounded and cheerful, it’s perfect match for cute and wacky designs!

This cute font contains two styles: normal and a rounded one, but the difference are just slightly. It supports Japanese character like hiragana and katakana as well as romaji characters, numerals, punctuations and more! Below is the sample sentence I typed with the font. Looks cute right? Unfortunately this font doesn’t support kanji, but in my opinion that’s not a problem. Continue reading to find out the download link!

mini-wakuwaku - sample

Well, just head to mini-wakuwaku homepage to download the font and also check out the complete character set! The download button is the button in yellow color, just below the paragraphs of text. This font is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial projects, but font redistribution and also usage in logo marks and trademark registration is prohibited. But the author will be glad if you inform him about the usage of this font in commercial projects.

Hope you find this font useful! Please use it wisely and enjoy! If you are looking for other cute Japanese font with kanji support, this font should be your ultimate choice!

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