Meet-up with Danny Choo

Meet-up with Danny Choo

On last Sunday, I went to Danny Choo Malaysia meetup at Lot 10 Hutong. At first I was quite nervous because I went there alone, but the meet-up turned out really great and exciting! I’m very happy that I was there and met the one of the most prominent blogger!

In case you don’t know, according to The Star Wars Wiki, Danny Choo is a blogger and the founder of Mirai Inc., best known for his exploits as a Star Wars Imperial stormtrooper exploring and dancing in the streets of Tokyo. He is currently resides in Tokyo with his blog, he writes about life in Japan and Japanese pop culture which includes anime, figurines, dolls, cosplay, games and more, and is regularly featured in web, print and broadcast media such as CNN, BBC and G4TV.

I knew Danny when suddenly bumped into his videos of him dressing up as Stormtrooper dancing around busy streets of Tokyo. The videos are absolutely interesting to watch and then I start to check out his blog occasionally. Danny is one person that I really respect of, and he is really an inspiration mentor. So when I knew about he is coming to Malaysia, I wish to see him in real life.

And yes, I finally met Danny and the meet up also attended by almost 100 people! The meet up was a success and everyone gets their chance to take picture with Danny as well as making new friends too. I also get to know some new friends and met up some forum friends that hasn’t meet up for some time. It was a great feeling. I uploaded some pictures during the meet up at Flickr, please feel free to view the photos. Well, I really hope that to meet him again some where in the future! šŸ˜€

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