10 years of ARASHI

ARASHI 10 years

To be honest, I was a little shock that ARASHI already formed for a decade! Time is running really fast and really congratulate them for their success! It’s not easy to be together for such long time and prove that they are really a fan favorite group. I still remember that I actually bought their first album 9 years ago which together with a big poster and I still keeping it. Ah what a nostalgic moment when I look at the poster. But actually they seemed didn’t change a lot compare to their early era.

To celebrate this great moment, ARASHI released a compilation album which I think is a great collection. Inside the tracks there’s a song call “5×10” which is really nice and meaningful, especially in the lyric it says “Because of you (fan), we are able to shine and be until this moment”. What a great song! 😀

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    решил помочь сайту и разослал пост в соц. закладки. Надеюсь поднимется популярность.

  • roshynphina

    Thanks for this, I love this band too and their music is great. Just listened to 5×10 as you suggested. It’s a really great song! Thank you!