Learn Japanese language with free podcasts in Itunes

Learn Japanese language with free podcasts in Itunes

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates on this site because I’m quite sick for these few days and still haven’t fully recover yet. Well, last few days I stumbled upon on this article about “Learn 35+ Languages for Free in Itunes” and discover that actually I can also learn Japanese language for free besides attending classes.

What you need to do is first download and install the Itunes player. Then launch it and go to the Itunes Store, and search for “Japanese Language” or “Learn Japanese”, and you will get a list of free podcasts on Japanese language lessons. There is a lot out there and I’m so amazed. I actually downloaded some episodes especially from JapanesePod101 and Japancast. It’s very educational and entertaining, and the quality of the podcasts are very good and I learn a lot from the lessons.

Extra: Display furigana above kanji

Display furigana above Japanese kanji words

Japanese language uses a lot of kanji where sometimes I found hard to identify or read them. But these two FireFox extensions helped me out by displaying furigana on top of the kanji. The first one is Furigana Injector 0.71, and another is XHTML Ruby Support 2.1.2008040101.

It’s very helpful to Japanese learners like me, but somehow I found some display error like the picture above, the “母” was supposed to read as “haha (はは)”, but it shows as “kaka (かか)”. Article was taken from Japanese Wikipedia on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day

Last and never forgetting, today is Mother’s Day. Here I wishes “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom and all the mothers in the world, thanks for all the support and caring for all these years. Here, I dedicated the song “Mother” by SEAMO to all the Jay-han.com blog readers out there and wish you all having a Happy Mother’s Day too 😀

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