Shokotan – idol, cosplayer, hardcore blogger

Shokotan - idol, cosplayer, hardcore blogger

There is three kind of blogs that will impress me: blog that has nice contents, nice blog theme design and the third one is a dedicated blogger that update his or her blog regularly for a long time. Obviously Shoko Nakagawa’s blog falls under the third category, because it is very impressive that on how extremely fast she updates her blog! Averaging 20+ posts per day!

Shoko Nakagawa (中川翔子) or best known as nickname “Shokotan”, is a cute and multi talented Japanese idol. According to Wikipedia, she is active in a variety of field including acting, manga, singing and blogging. Her official blog “Shokotan*Blog” (しょこたん☆ぶろぐ), was started in year 2004 and she treated her blog as her dairy. She update her blog extremely regularly. Her daily best record is 86 updates on February 14, 2007. That means she update her blog every 17 minutes on that day!

Shokotan's blog monthly archive

Lets take a look on the monthly archive statistic on the left sidebar of her pinkish blog. The highest number of blog entries for a month is february 2007 which is 701, thanks to the extreme updates mentioned above. Hitting 400-500 blog entries per month is normal for her. I am wondering how a celebrity which usually busy but still can update her blog so frequently. Her blog has attracted 500 million hits on February 2007 and her dedication on blog has earn her “New Queen of Blog” crown.

Recently Oricon conducted a research survey on which celebrity bloggers gained in popularity this year, and clearly Shokotan gets the number one spot, beating another celebrity blogger star Chinatsu Wakatsuki. A female high school student commented that “speaking about blog, I can’t think about anyone else but Shokotan”. Her blog is also very well known as she invented her own blogging language call “Shokotan-go”, and because her love for game and comic, she was treated as “goddess” in 2-channel board.

Shokotan posing for photography shooting

2007 definitely is a wonderful year for Shokotan, few single released, first appearance on Kohaku Utagassen as well as owning the most popular celebrity blog in Japan. In the new year, looks like she is going to continue her passion on regular updates on her blog as until today, she already posted 200+ entries! Keep up the good work Shokotan! Gambatte!

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  • Andy

    yo dude!! nice meeting ya at the gathering.

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    Sounds quite impossible aye?

    What are the chances of having a group of people dedicated to updating her blog daily?

    As you mentioned, she is a celebrity, an idol.

    Got so much time to blog?

    I am guessing that her blog is updated by a group of geeks LOL.


    Personal Off Topic Rant
    My domain / site is down. I woke up early everyday to work on it. Now I can’t. So depressed.

    Can’t go to the gathering yesterday, need to go to office to work. Have to babysit my Darling after that.

    You guys had fun aye?

  • Apple

    Ya, I also think it’s quite impossible for a celebrity, an idol to update her blog so frequently. How bout her career? But her pinkish blog is really cute, so do herself. One day having so much post…wow..sounds more like an “abuse” or “spam” in the blogosphere. Well, she is famous so she can do that… bad I can’t read Japanese.

  • Cherry

    Oww…she’s cute! She’s really a queen blogger! Yea… it’s really impossible for a busy celebrity to update her blog so frequently.

  • Cyrus

    It is possible for her to updates it so frequently since the network in Japan is freaking good. Not to mention their mobile phone is very different from our typical Nokia, SE, Samsung etc; their HPs are quite optimised for online purpose.

    And, not all her daily posts are long; some of it only like a picture plus a few line of words. 🙂

  • jayhan

    Yeah, at first I think it is quite impossible too until what Cyrus had mentioned above, I forgot that mobile phone in Jap is damn advanced and convenient, maybe she can just grab her phone and start posting from time to time! Like time reporting like that on what she did for past few minutes. Indeed her blog post are not long.

    Heard that she wanna achieve 100 posts per day in the future. WOW!

    @deimos: I wish to meet you hehehe, coz I want to see whether your face are really in purple XD, well we can meet up next time right? and looks like your site has back to normal

  • Bernsy

    hey there, nice blog you have here. Keep in touch dude..

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    Aye, now that you guys mentioned about how advanced their network is, it is possible! W00t!

    Yeah thank goodness the site is back online. 🙂
    My friend, he had to work on Sunday to fix the server LOL. 😀
    The server’s hard disk died and he had to swap it.
    Bad Sunday for him.

  • simonso

    Owhh the japanese idol is fantastic!!! Now i kinda like this post too… kawaiiiiii dessssss!

  • jayhan

    @ Bernsy
    hi Bernsy, nice to meet you! 😀

    @ Deimos
    yeah, Japan has the best network in the world, and it’s the fastest too. Glad that your site is back 😀

    @ Simonso
    Thanks for visiting! Indeed Shokotan is kawaii

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    Cheers, mate. 😉

    Duh! I just realized I forgot to answer your query. O_o

    I wish to meet you hehehe, coz I want to see whether your face are really in purple XD, well we can meet up next time right?
    Hell! Yeah! We can meet up next time, no worries. 🙂
    My face normal color la LOL 😀

  • jayhan

    haha, you know that I’m just joking right? 😉

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    Oh, I do know. 😉
    Figured that it not very polite to ignore your query mah. 😮

    Cheers! 😀

  • jayhan

    😉 Please don’t mind that, cheers buddy

  • Robert Shumake

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

    Robert Shumake